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Global College
June 20, 2008, 1:20 pm
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Note: This is not an actual blog post, but a note to the reader

During this time period (from when I left India with Carpe Diem to joining Global College and heading off to Taiwan), I was in a transition period in Los Angeles. I came back from India to an internship with Nickelodeon Animation Studios for the summer. However, I had completely changed from my experience in India and knew that Los Angeles was no longer the right place for me (and I couldn’t go back to CalArts because of my chronic tendonitis). I heard about Global College from Veronica, one of the other members from my Carpe Diem trip- who had heard it from Dan, our leader. I looked up Global College online, glanced at it, and immediately decided this was the right school and right place for me to go to. Because of my experience in India, I made a decision from my gut that I should go to this school- and even if I didn’t know where the path was taking me, I knew that I was going down the right one.

The rest is history.

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