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Ohh Taiwan
September 9, 2008, 12:47 am
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This is originally from my previous facebook group ‘Brittany Goes Global,’ (wanna know how I got the blog name? ;)) in which I sent messages to friends about my travels with Global College’s CRC Program through Taiwan, Thailand, India, and Turkey. This post was not originally associated with this blog, but I have put it up here in the correct date. As you can see, my writing is not quite up to par with what it is now 🙂 But I thought you readers would still find it informative and entertaining.

About this post: This is my first post entering Taiwan and the CRC (Comparative Religion and Culture) program.

Hey everyone! Today marks day 1 of adventurous times in Taiwan! Well first off, we got there at 5:30 AM, just in time for a braaannddd new day… the sun was rising just as we were landing so we got to see the landscape, which was incredibly beautiful. So many lakes and trees and land spread out everywhere, and then randomly you see lights and electricity in dotted areas. But it was a beautiful sight to see above ground.
Gotta say, the culture shock in Taiwan is not as intense as India. The airport looked really familiar to the US, if that’s a sign (whereas many of India’s airports I’ve been in are pretty much desecrated and deserted). Also expensive cars outside and no auto rickshaws (bummer on my count- I love auto rickshaws), or rickshaws in general. People in this country stay inside the driving lines. There were 7/11’s everywhere.
But the truth is people, it’s what’s INSIDE the 7/11’s that really counts. Fermented eggs? WATERMELON MILK? (Which I tried, and it’s exactly what you think of, watermelon + milk= watermelon milk). Strange fruit that I’ve never tried before, marshmellow candies? Hard to tell because it’s all written in Chinese but gosh it was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Nothing is more fun than going into a shop that’s in a different language and guessing what the things are, in my opinion.
Our ‘hostel’ or guest house is pretty nice. We have A/C in our rooms, desks, a TV (??? I don’t think this works), wardrobes, bathrooms… pretty legit stuff. Though I have to say after being back in the US for 3 months I almost cringed at the sight of our shower situation (a detachable shower head hanging over the toilet). Oh, also fairly amusing is that there are two flush handles for the toilets, for ‘big’ and ‘little.’

Orientation wise, everyone in my group are all down to earth and I’m sure things will be smooth. Our leaders are pretty tight. We took a tour of Fu Jen Catholic University, the campus right next to our hostel that we’re sort of? students at. We had our first Taiwanese meal at a Italian restaurant (score!) Props for good food that’s cheap… wandered around the markets for awhile and found highly amusing things like bags of lotion and smog masks I bought that I thought were coin purses… there’s a food court right next to our hostel, and if you like anything you can imagine deep fried BOY is it the place for you!

My roommate and fellow Global College student Amy and I, wearing smog masks. One great cultural trait to Taiwan are the constant smog masks that people wear outside because of the pollution. They have very fashionable ones you can buy.

We start classes on Thursday I think, and I’ve checked out the itinerary and we have a lot of great things planned. Mostly I’m looking forward to a meditation retreat we’re doing at the end of Taiwan for a few days. Taipei is a crazy city but I hope to spend some time out of there and into the countryside. I feel safe and totally comfortable, and at home with being in unfamiliar territory. Miss you all, we will talk again soon!
Much love,

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