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Goodbye Taiwan
October 19, 2008, 12:41 am
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This is originally from my previous facebook group ‘Brittany Goes Global,’ (wanna know how I got the blog name? ;)) in which I sent messages to friends about my travels with Global College’s CRC Program through Taiwan, Thailand, India, and Turkey. This post was not originally associated with this blog, but I have put it up here in the correct date. As you can see, my writing is not quite up to par with what it is now 🙂 But I thought you readers would still find it informative and entertaining.

Hi friends,

Today has been a crazy day…this week has been a crazy WEEK.
So the point of going on trips like this is the self-growth you attain while throwing yourself into new and challenging situations, and I definitely have realized that I have a terrible addiction to books, and I literally canNOT be placed in a bookstore. I find so many books I want to read, and then I panic and explode.
I went up to the Taipei 101 observatory (one of the tallest buildings in the world, the top of the building). It was pretty boring. And expensive. Somehow I felt like it was necessary. But it wasn’t. Oh well…

Mira (friend and Global College student) and Heidi (friend and professor) in front of the Taipei 101.

Yesterday my friend Mira and I somehow ended up at this Taiwanese girls house where they force-fed us delicious beef dumplings and ‘Chinese pizza’ until our stomachs were ready to explode, and THEN they ran out to this bakery to get a million different kinds of dessert and shoved it down our throats. I never want to eat again.
Friday we went to a mosque in Taipei. I’ve never been to a mosque before so it was REALLY interesting for me. We watched a long video about Muslims and Islam. We also had two classes on Qi-Gong this week, which is kind of like a larger more in-depth form of Tai Chi… well it was CRAZY. We had to do all of these intense poses and bending that takes years to learn and I was just like “Okay, there is no way a body is physically capable of doing that.” And I was right. The teacher is an alien.
Today I’ve been super, super productive and I’m shocked at myself. I read a million articles and did 5 pages of the 10 page research paper due this week. My ‘final research paper’ on Taiwan is about what I knew of Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism before I arrived at Taiwan, and what I learned from them while I was here.
The answer: A LOT.
And to condense a 10 page paper into one sentence, essentially I realized that before I entered Taiwan and Asian culture I was like “oooh Buddhism and Daoism and Confucianism, it’s so strange and mysterious and different therefore I connect to it and it’s appealing.” Wrong. I’ve come to a lot of harsh realizations about all three terms, but there have been positive aspects to it as well and I’ve learned plenty, so transversely I’ve been optimistic and excited to look back at it. It’s interesting because without this trip I probably would have never come to Taiwan- but I’m incredibly happy I did, and I’ve grown to love this place. So hop on the Taiwan train travelers!

So essentially I’ve rambled on for quite a long time now and I’d just like to say that Taiwan my dear, we had some great times, and I will miss you dearly, but it’s time to move on. Thailand my new and fickle friend, we will see each other Friday.
Much love,

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