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Varanasi- Take 2
February 19, 2009, 9:16 pm
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This is originally from my previous facebook group ‘Brittany Goes Global,’ (wanna know how I got the blog name? ;)) in which I sent messages to friends about my travels with Global College’s CRC Program through Taiwan, Thailand, India, and Turkey. This post was not originally associated with this blog, but I have put it up here in the correct date. As you can see, my writing is not quite up to par with what it is now 🙂 But I thought you readers would still find it informative and entertaining.

Hey everyone,

well I know I just sent an update but you know how it is… sometimes nothing happens in three weeks, and sometimes you cram pretty much an entire year into three days… well the past few days have been one of those crazy cramming times.

Two days ago I was in a COMPLETELY different head space. I was staying in a decent and totally isolated hotel room on the outskirts of Delhi, hiding away like a hermit. I had a hot shower, I had a comfortable bed, I had internet, and I had room service- that’s all I needed. Fortunately I accomplished almost all of the work I had lagged behind on in the last two months- did a lot of work for school, applied to Grameen bank, figured out my basic dates for Europe, caught up with all of my friends- it was a restful and peaceful mini vacation, and the calm and clarity I achieved there I thought would carry me through the rest of India.

Um, wrong. As soon as I got to Assi Ghat in Varanasi this perception vanished immediately. As wonderful as it was to be back in Varanasi, one of the craziest places on earth, I remembered a lot of negative feelings- last year in Varanasi- I had been a lot more lost, a lot more confused, a lot more scared of traveling, a lot more unsure of myself and how to handle nine new people who I couldn’t get away from. As soon as I stepped onto the Ghat all of those memories came flooding back to me, and I felt like I was almost transported back in time to that mental state. It was overwhelming, as well as being shown to a room with an attached bathroom that you know, had the bucket baths going on again. I should have appreciated the hot shower more while I had it.

But things have settled down and I’m really surprised to be exploring Varanasi like I never have before. Maybe it’s because last year I was too timid to, being a new traveler who didn’t know what to expect in India- but it’s only been one day and I’ve already found two amazing restaurants that are chock full of delicious salads and fruits and juices- who knew they had such places in Varanasi? Especially after being in the south, and then being in the bland smog-polluted city known as Delhi, Varanasi is perfect- an insanely interesting cultural heritage sight with beautiful views, as well as being a hot spot for tourists, which means good internet cafes, great restaurants, and a million things to check out and see. We’re also getting a bit more down time in Varanasi after having the most intensely packed schedule ALIVE in South India, so it’s nice to take a breather and enjoy the city. Varanasi hasn’t been helping my book addiction much though- I bought three today, and I have one on reserve for tomorrow. So many enticing bookshops here… as well as splurging on a sterling silver ankle bracelet, which is about 40 US dollars, and shot most of my stipend money for the week down the drain in one go. It’s okay though, it is totally worth it.

We woke up at 5 AM this morning to take a boat across the Ganges and watch the most gorgeous sun rise. I am in Varanasi, friends. I wish you could see it.

Much love,

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