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Istanbul… we are definitely not in Asia anymore
April 18, 2009, 4:59 pm
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Hello friends!

So here I am, typing away on the new web site… it’s quite a bit surreal, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I know you’ll all be proud of me when I tell you I’ve spent the past day uploading a million things on here instead of doing the towering mound of papers and work that’s due for the CRC program in a mere week and a half.

Speaking of work, Istanbul is quite possibly the worst place on earth to do it. And our professor, Heidi, is intent on our group (that disbands in two weeks) having the best experiences here while trying to compile a year’s worth of work into one portfolio. And by ‘best,’ I mean, ‘strangest.’ For example, in Thailand Heidi decided it would be an informative and educational experience for our group to visit a town meeting in Chiang Mai. We sat there for three hours while everyone talked in Thai.

So as much as we’ve teased her for it, we unfortunately (for Heidi, not us) redoubled our torments on her last night when she had the bright idea of taking us to see a ‘music documentary,’ with the vague promise that there would be some sort of ‘live flesh’ (belly dancing). After a quick drink at the pub (Yes, we go out drinking with our professors… welcome to Global College), we traipsed on over to what looked like a shiny cinema. We expected we were going into a movie theater… I even brought my glasses. Instead, what we entered was something akin to a rave bar, with a whole slew of awkward Turkish people in their leather get-ups, doing kamikazes and shamelessly trying to belly-dance. There was something that seemed to resemble a stage in the front of the bar, and a whole bunch of projections on all of the walls of some belly dancing movies of the past. Meanwhile, a DJ blasted music completely out of time with the ‘documentaries.’

“….When is it starting?” We asked Heidi.

Heidi shrugged her shoulders. “I….think this is it…”

Going to a bar and hanging out for almost two hours when approximately 99% of the people there don’t speak English, is a fun time. Going out to a bar as college students when shots are 10 Lira apiece (about six dollars), is also, quite a fun time.

By mid night we were all ready to leave. Fortunately, this is when the ‘show’ started.

All of a sudden, a man walked on stage, and everyone went nuts. This man was wearing a golden tassled brassiere on his head with a matching cape, dark sunglasses, superman pants, and four inch black boots. He waltzed on over to the DJ booth, and took out a ‘special CD.’

Then a belly dancer miraculously appeared on stage. The music started and it was beautiful, sensual, the woman danced slowly and provocatively, and meanwhile, two strangers pressed up next to me, stared deeply into each others eyes, and proceeded to make out for the rest of the set.

The show was mildly interesting… until the man with the brassiere for a hat decided to start erratically coughing into the microphone, banging sistrums against his head, and swaying to and fro in what he hoped to be sensual with the two belly dancers, but really looked…strange. It was by far the weirdest thing I have EVER seen. Jeff and I were laughing so hard we almost knocked over the two groping strangers.


ANYWAY, it was a beautiful night. I didn’t get any work done (surprise, surprise), I watched a man with four inch heeled boots hit himself with random things, I ate Midye Dolmasi at the fish market on the way home (Midye Dolmasi are mussels stuffed with rice… mmmmm…), and we all screamed the Happy Birthday song at the top of our lungs to Howard, who is 24 today, in the middle of Taksim square at 2 AM. I contemplated buying him a chicken mask. But I probably should have just gotten him one of those jaw-dropping amazing tiny baby hookahs. I saw.

Istanbul is amazing. It is the most beautiful, fun, and vibrant city I’ve ever been to. I highly recommend it to everyone I know. Especially if you like leather, or boots, or both of those combined together.

Much Love,


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HAHAHAAHAHA that sounds like my fuckin dream place. Boots, leather and guys wearing bras on their heads. Fuckin rad!

Comment by Bodhi

Is it too late to invite the belly dancers to come to Daufuskie?

Comment by GB

I think the brassiere headed man is their pimp or something similar. Are you prepared to accept him as well? It’s probably for the best… I’m sure he will be WAY more entertaining for our family.

Comment by brittanygoesglobal

How fun. I love the picture of superman in the brassiere. Keep it coming Britt. We miss you.

The Dogwood Wintzes/

Comment by 'cle Dookey

Can you set me up with the bra hat man?
Please and thank you.

Comment by GMogz

I gotta be honest GMogz, I think he’s out of your league.

Comment by brittanygoesglobal

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