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Free Rice!
April 24, 2009, 8:50 pm
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This is quite possibly one of the best pictures I have EVER taken. Jeff, Heidi, and Rachel outside of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul… I am using this picture to simulate the frustration I am feeling of not ever going outside because of so much work I have to do!

Hello friends!

Well everyone is telling me to update my blog, but frankly I don’t have too much to update about. I’ve spent the past two weeks essentially locked in a room trying to get my papers and portfolio done for the CRC program. I wrote one long 9,000 word paper on my trip to Harput, and I’m currently in the middle of another long paper about whether the Armenian genocide bill should be passed in the US and what repercussions that would have for Armenians in the Middle East. Lots of research, lots of time consuming work, lots of taking breaks and watching movies in between. Whoever decided to make the ‘rent’ option for movies on iTunes is a genius. I had the great fortune to watch Hotel Rwanda, which was recommended by my amazing Carpe Diem leader Aleta (she is currently on a trip with some students to Tanzania/Uganda/Rwanda). It is a movie about the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, and one man who hid over 1,000 Tutsi refugees in his hotel. Amazing. Absolutely amazing movie. This is the second movie I have ever cried to. I highly suggest you rent this movie. Another amazing movie I’ve watched is Water, a film about widows in India. This movie is set in the 1930’s, but truthfully this is much of what Varanasi looks like today. The imagery, the music, the language… if you want to see the cultural life in India, as well as seeing the hardships many Indian widows suffer even today, this is a great movie to watch.

Actually, truthfully I’m updating to pimp out this amazing new web site I’ve stumbled upon (thanks Lizzie Burrows), called Free Rice, a web site which exercises your brain while helping end world hunger. They have all kinds of different subjects, (Art, Chemistry, English, Geography, Language Learning, Math), and they are all at different levels. With every question you get correct, 10 grains of rice is donated. So if you’re bored and feel like brushing up your world capitals, or learning basic words in French, or want to practice for those SATs with some vocabulary, then this is the perfect site for you, because not only are you educating yourself, but you are also feeding the world’s hungriest people. I think that this web site is an amazing and innovative concept, with tremendous results. Since 2007 over 63 billion grains of rice has been donated!!

So that is my update for the day friends. I hope that you are happy and healthy and whenever you feel down, just look up to the sky and smile, and be thankful that you’re not stuck in the middle of the most amazing city writing papers instead of enjoying the beautiful day outside. Just kidding. I go out sometimes to get food. Just kidding again. I know I am amazingly lucky.

Much love,


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1. Water was so, so good.
2. That picture is awesome!
3. In addition to Free Rice, there’s a Facebook group that just links to a bunch of those click-once-a-day things. Not as entertaining as Free Rice, maybe, but if you’re procrastinating as it is…

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