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Armenia- A Bit of the Village Life
May 8, 2009, 1:23 pm
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Here are some pictures from a tour I took. The pictures I have of this country are SO beautiful- walking through the village, I felt I had entered a dream land. The people were great, the food was absolutely delicious, and it was another amazing day in Armenia, the most beautiful country in the world.

Mesrop Mashtots is really important to Armenia because he
created the alphabet. This is his grave.

Armenian letters

Oshakan, the church that houses the grave of Mesrop Mashtots

A statue of Mesrop Mashtots erected in his honor

The Armenian alphabet.

Byurakan- a tiny village in the Aragatsotn region.

Village life- so beautiful.

Armenian books

Here I am in Armenia

Armenian lunch in the Byurakan village

A typical Armenian village house

This is a small pit where Armenians make lavash, a famous
Armenian bread.

They make almost all of their food from scratch- butter, cheese,
bread- even vodka!


This is where they make apple vodka

Homemade Lavash bread

Absolutely delicious Armenian meal

Literally, this is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

Our tour guide Gevorg- this is his house (he’s originally from
the village Byurakan)

After lunch Armenian coffee (soorch)- goes SO well with dried and
honeyed plum (salor). I think Starbucks should order these in abundance.

Armenian instruments

The Armenian instrument zurna

Armenian instrument qamancha

The End

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just want to say the letter is not B, it is Z
nice job by the way.

Comment by Hermineh

Thanks for letting me know! I guess that tour guide didn’t understand when I asked him…

Comment by brittanygoesglobal

If you know how to get hold og Gevorg, your guide who used to work at Envoy, please ask mih to get in touch with me.
If he asks, tell him about the blue jacket.
Thank you.

Comment by Vartan Vahramian

It look like interesting country to visit

Comment by Ali Hussain Mushaima

[…] most important of these is the statue at the Saint Mesrop Mashtots Cathedral in Oshakan. I guess the statue per se isn’t especially important, but the cathedral contains […]

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