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Time Spent In Airports
May 15, 2009, 9:54 am
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Zvartnots Airport (in Armenia) is definitely the nicest airport I have ever been to. Wild, huh? Just like the American embassy in Yerevan is the largest embassy in the world (and quite nice too), Zvartnots Airport has relaxing chairs, a quiet atmosphere, and the best of all- free wireless!

I seem to spend such a large majority of my time in airports these days- I’ve lost count to how many I’ve been in this year. Each time I am in an airport, I always reflect on my life- the experience I’ve just had, and the change that is about to come. This time, I am leaving for London. LONDON! I am going to be spending an entire month now in EUROPE! I have never been to Europe before, so this is incredibly exciting for me.

But while I am mentally preparing myself for the last remnants of Armenia, I’ve had to stop and check in with myself. I’ve come to the realization this past week, that I am utterly mentally and emotionally exhausted. I feel physically drained. I have been traveling for eight months now, and I still have three more to go before I finally go home. Then I will only be home for a two weeks before I go out to Latin America for three more months. While I am constantly counting my lucky stars that I have such amazing opportunities to travel and experience the world, I feel that I’m starting to reach my limit. I’ve seen and done so many amazing things this year and every single day is a new adventure- but I miss the small things in life. I miss sleeping in my bed at home with my two dogs. I miss driving a car to WalGreens. I miss my Mom’s homecooked meals. I miss walking outside of our house and feeling the saturating humidity of South Florida drench me, tampered by a slightly cool breeze from the ocean. I miss stealing my Dad’s flip flops that are a little bit too big for me. It’s the little things that I miss, but they all come together to form one big feeling of homesickness, one that I haven’t felt so potently until now.

So going to Europe, while an amazing experience, has some bittersweet connotations for me. I feel that I’m getting a bit jaded from traveling- living my life out of a backpack for 8+ months, wearing the same clothes every day, constantly packing and repacking my life: while I LOVE doing this, I just need to recharge my batteries. I just need to lie in a hammock in Florida for a few weeks and not think about anything but watching movies with my little sisters and listening to my parents putter around the house. The next year of my life is going to be crazy, busy, overwhelming, amazing- but I need to mentally prepare myself for it. And doing an internship in Bangladesh where I am walking 6-7 miles a day in rural villages, is not going to give me that preparation.

Of course this is all pointless for me to complain. I wouldn’t trade these experiences for the world (what a terrible pun). But I just hope that I can fully enjoy all this amazing 3 month span of travel in front of me.

In other news, I got a haircut. I was getting quite tired of my CRC friends teasing me for my strange hairstyle (I have been called Peter Pan, Liza Minelli, ‘that mom from the Brady Bunch,’ a singer from the Monkees, FRODO, etc.) I’ve been trying to grow it out but obviously it hasn’t been working out too well. So in Armenia I went to a saloon and paid 2,000 dram (about 5 dollars) for a pixie cut. Back to short hair again!

Here comes the airplane. See you in England, friends.

Much love,


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Leave a comment has great tips for gntiteg rid of Airplane Body and working out in a hotel room and on the road.

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