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Friends and more Friends
May 22, 2009, 5:09 pm
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On the road again…

What crazy adventures! Sometimes I don’t quite realize what a ridiculous life I have until I talk to people about it- and they go ‘Wow, what a ridiculous life you have.’ Then I realize that I need to be more fully conscious when I open my mouth- that it is very, very rare in this world for a lone 21 year old female to travel all around the world for school.

When you travel by yourself, it is very strange when you meet up with old friends again. Suddenly, you are no longer to yourself anymore. Suddenly, you have to relate all of the adventures you’ve been having. And in my case, I’ve had to do this for three days in a row- because I saw three different friends in a row. Three days, three different worlds.

World One was seeing my good friend Mae, from California, who I lived with last summer and haven’t seen in a year. We pranced around the pastures of Dartington, drank pints with friends at ‘the Castle,’ and hitched rides all around Devon. As I say, the hardest part about traveling is having to leave- and I felt quite comfortable in Devon, as if I could fit right into the school, the friends, and the way of life. It doesn’t hurt that there is a river and fields upon fields of greenery and discovery right outside the university.

World Two was seeing my wonderful friend Becky at Exeter, who was there for my Carpe Diem trip to India in the Spring of 2008. We danced all around Exeter, reminisced about our amazing trip we had, ate at a grimy Indian restaurant in honor of past experiences , and proceeded to watch Grey’s Anatomy all night long while gossiping about ex-boyfriends. Exactly what I needed.

World Three was seeing the wonderful, smart, and talented Max Minckler, who is slaving away at Oxford. We spent the day in Bath (essentially lying on patches of grass, eating lots of ice cream, and frolicking in a child’s park like we were both five again), and now I am resting in Oxford with my laundry clean, a shower under my belt, and finally a full night’s sleep. My life is, as always, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, meaningful, and interesting.

On Sunday I leave for France. Until then, friends.

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wish u a very happy new year john,i am great fan of yourz ,uve been so isniirpng.

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