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Europe= Lose Mounds of Cash
May 24, 2009, 12:58 am
Filed under: England

Well….. the title says it all. Traveling through Europe is so unbelievably expensive, it is beyond laughable. I have never spent so much money in my life, and I am traveling pretty cheaply- staying with friends, family, couch surfing, hostels- and somehow my moolah continues to slip through my fingers until suddenly I turn around and go “Wait– WHAT just happened?” I miss being able to bum around in South Asia for 10 bucks a day. I miss getting stipends from my University (Ohhhh stipends, how I miss you right now) to buy food.

My plan for the next week is to travel to France (mercifully staying at my graceful Aunt and Uncle’s for a few days), Switzerland (after the sudden drop in monetary funds I realized this was probably not the best place to go- so I thought ‘hey! Maybe I’ll make a spontaneous trip to Morocco!’ No. Even the freaking hostels in MOROCCO are around 25 bucks a night. UNBELIEVABLE), and finally down to Italy to meet my family. Even the cost of the trains to these places (which are the cheapest option) are insane. I am so lucky to be traveling through Europe- but one I question if I’ll have the opportunity to ever walk through again. Sometimes, it sucks to be an economy that is way better than yours.

While it’s been a humbling experience, it’s also been a learning one. For example, apparently Europe does not take traveler’s checks like every other stall does in Delhi. Therefore, I’ve been relying on the little piece of plastic we like to call debit cards, and I’ve found my bank is charging me exorbitant amounts of money for each withdrawal from an ATM. New game plan: banks sure are a hassle, but don’t charge seven dollars each for a processing fee. As for these insanely priced trains, well so far I haven’t found much of an alternative. I know that EasyJet supposedly gives good prices for air flights in Europe, but when you’re trying to travel from Paris to Interlaken, you don’t have much of an alternative other than train. If anyone has suggestions for cheaper alternatives feel free to tell me.

Regardless, I don’t let life get me down.

It is 1:51 AM and my good friend Max is snoring across from me. What a beautiful way to end England- spending the day punting (boating in a flat-bottomed boat) around gorgeous Oxford while snacking, playing guitar, and dozing off with some new friends, traveling downtown to eat at a pub (I succeeded in ordering a salad with real GREENS, which is apparently incredibly hard to find in England. Max says we lucked out because the pub we were in was styled after Applebee’s, an American chain restaurant), and watching Slumdog Millionaire (which turned out to be fairly anti-climatic after all of the hype, and had a really cheesy ending- and the fact that everyone spoke perfect English really bothered me- but still, it is a movie about India, so I still enjoyed it) while eating candy. Good times, good friends, good life.

Until France friends!


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