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Home again Home again
June 4, 2009, 9:15 pm
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Home is where the heart is, isn’t it? So I suppose my home is now nestled in Rome, as I have finally been reunited with my family! Everyone looks older- my Dad has some more grey hairs- my Mom has bangs- Kate and Siobhan, my eight and twelve year old sisters both grew about a foot- my 19 year old brother Donner and my 22 year old sister Hillary look just about the same- and my grandparents are as lovely as ever. As for me, they tell me I look quite different- but this is not news to me.

It is quite surreal to not have seen my family for six entire months, and then suddenly be spending the past 24 hours nonstop with them. It’s almost as if I had just seen them yesterday, although it is clearly not the case. I am in Rome, wandering the streets with my family and slurping down gelatto, finally relaxing in a much-needed hot shower, and sleeping in a bed-bug free comfortable bed. Tomorrow we do a tour of all of the best places of Rome, and on Saturday we leave for Umbria.

WHAT A LIFE! I am off to go and fully enjoy it.

Much love,


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Wish we were there again!
Love you,

Comment by Bonnie Boroian

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