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The Next Step
June 12, 2009, 10:08 am
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Dear friends,

I am unsure how many of you know by now, but I am applying to the Peace Corps. I just finished and submitted my application today (which took weeks to do), so I am very proud of my accomplishments. I am very serious about joining the Peace Corps, and really hope to get in. But in case you are wondering why I am so serious about this decision, I have my explanation below.

Why the Peace Corps, you might ask? For so many reasons, on so many different levels. I am hoping to do some kind of job some day where I can be working on poverty-alleviation. How to tackle this best, I still don’t know yet- whether starting or working with an NGO would be my best bet, or re-organizing NGOs, or working on foreign policy, or going into something like the UN, or going into micro-finance… there are so many options and ideas that are swirling around my head all of the time, but I am not sure which would be the most effective, make the most difference, and help the most people. I feel that joining the Peace Corps can only give me more experience on how to tackle these issues. I feel that if I would ever be in a position where I would be influencing macro-economic changes, then I need to see things at the microscopic level first- I need to be neighbors with the same people who I am trying to help, to learn their language, respect their customs and beliefs, and see firsthand how much of an impact even a tiny change can make. I think that the Peace Corps is an amazing opportunity, an amazing experience, has great medical and dental benefits, is incredibly safe, and has a fantastic reputation. I believe that the Peace Corps can only take me to the next level for future employment opportunities, and especially graduate school.
I have spent hours researching on their web site, talking to former Peace Corps volunteers, and meeting with current ones on assignment. I feel that it is the best next step that I can take in my life, and I am fully ready for it.
For the Peace Corps you can’t choose the country you’d like to work in, but you can request a certain region. I’ve chosen Asia or Africa. I chose Asia because the countries offered in Asia are Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, or China- all places I would be comfortable going to- and I have had extensive experience in Asia and feel comfortable there. However, I would be most interested working in Africa because I have never been there before, I believe that Africa needs as much help as it can get, and I would like to experience living in such a crazy place for two years of my life so I can truly understand the issues there.

If I get accepted to the Peace Corps, then I will ship out in October of 2010. Three months training, two years service. I am hoping to go into the Peace Corps for community development.

Keep your fingers crossed, friends! I have already changed myself- now let’s see if I can change the world.

Much love,

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