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Two Lessons Learned
June 13, 2009, 7:28 pm
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Lesson One: Never Put Your Eggs in One Basket
Well friends, here is the deal with working with NGOs. Most of them are super frustrating. In the past two months, I have applied to two very promising ones, both that seemed incredibly well-organized. Don’t let their web sites fool you. They are not organized in the slightest. Basically, today was a very frustrating day because one of these NGOs strung me along for an entire month telling me they had openings and that they wanted to do a Skype interview- only to tell me on the phone after I finally tracked them down that they were full in the fall. If that isn’t annoying in itself, I was then given an exercise in patience because I had only one day to find another suitable NGO in South America. One day in which was my last day of vacation with my family in Italy, who I barely get to see and I had to spend the entire afternoon scouring the web instead of spending our last moments together.

Lesson Two: If you work hard enough, you will succeed.
After five hours of searching the web for a good replacement, I finally found one in Venezuela. I learned from my past mistakes and called them first to ask if they had openings. They do. They are also much more flexible than the previous one I wanted to intern at, and they have a great NGO administration internship program, as well as allowing me to live in a rural community and do some community development projects. As we say in Italiano, perfecto. But I also will not ‘put my eggs in one basket’ again, and I’m also applying to another decent NGO in Bolivia as my back-up plan.

Speaking of NGOs (even though Grameen Bank is not one), I will be entering the third world again in a few days. Truthfully, I am very excited. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty again, to take bucket baths, to wash my clothes by hand, to use squat toilets, to eat rice and dahl, and to traipse around a new territory. I can’t wait for the experiences I will soon have with Grameen Bank and the things I will learn about micro financing. I am very excited for this amazing opportunity.

Tomorrow morning I am off to London for a few days to stay with my cousin Elise and look at LSE (London School of Economics) for possible grad school, then Nepal, and then my friends, BANGLADESH!

Much love,


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