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I love Nepal
June 18, 2009, 5:41 am
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I am back in the homeland… Asia. After being in Europe for a month, I had almost forgotten how much I loved this place. But suddenly, when I stepped out of the airplane and had to bargain down a hotel room from $15 to $8, and got into my free taxi cab ride into Thamel, I couldn’t help but grin all the way to Lucky Star Guest House. Garbage and pollution everywhere, colorful saris, dark and dirty men selling trinkets on blankets by the road, motorcycles at every turn, a new smell with every intake… and then meeting my friend and going out to dinner at a Nepali restaurant and eating momo and tasting Asian coke again, fawning over the ‘American’ sour cream and onion chips (they taste SO much better here), the guest house with its shoddy floor and generated electricity… and I can’t help but open my arms wide, stare at the sky and laugh wildly- I AM BACK AGAIN!

This morning I went to the Bangladesh Embassy to get my visa, and my Tibetan friend Rinzin took me there on his bike. I had to go out and get photocopies of my passport and find a place that I could get US dollars from. And here I was, the white American girl walking the streets of Nepal like a professional, in the most untouristy part of the city, sidestepping huge gaping chunks in the sidewalk, narrowly missing towering buses and five men driving by in what looked like to be a buggy and lawnmower, screaming Nepalis trying to usher everyone in sight onto a bus service, whimpering old ladies with their tin pails outstretched in hopes for a rupee- and I couldn’t help thinking, after being in Italy for two weeks with my family: ‘what would they think if they saw me HERE in such a crazy place, calmly walking down the street like I’ve lived here my whole life?’ What would Americans think of me here? I would seriously just like someone who has never been outside of the US before to get even a ten second glimpse of what this ridiculous and chaotic street looked like, and I bet their jaws would drop. It is outside the imagination if you have never been to such a place. But here I am, comfortable and smiling, and happily traversing the streets in a place I feel much more comfortable in than my actual home country- Nepal, India, Asia. I am home again.

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Dear Friend !
Thanks. I read your very good experience in Nepal. You know- Nepal is regarded as a mini-world. Physically, the structure of Nepal shows Himalayas having the highest peak in the world, Hills, and low-lands i.e. Tarai. Various types of castes & creeds settle there. The soil also differs from east to west. Having different climate we can produce different edible crops. Whatever crops are available in the nook & corner of the globe we can produce in this soil. The Himalayan region of north Nepal is the store of fresh water. The Himalayan area of Nepal ecologically is very rich in nature. There are almost 100 peaks in Nepal’s Himalayas. More than one million visitors come Nepal for wildlife viewing, river rafting, mountain climbing- Mount Everest highest peaks 8000 meters, third highest peak Kanchenjunga as well as Gaurishankar, Annapurna, Lamlang etc.
This country is blessed by the nature by providing various rivers, streams and fountains. Nepal has ample sources of water, as a white gold. Nepal can be a great store of food-grains if well irrigated and high potential of hydroelectric energy. As Arabian countries are god gifted with sufficient Petroleum products, Nepal has sufficient water for hydroelectricity, which can be used for foreign money generation. Having dense forest, rare animals and more than 800 types of birds plus herbaria makes it naturally friendly in many ways. Many of the tourists and the foreigners claim like you-‘Nepal is the most beautiful place in the world.’
We welcome in Nepal again. But, there are some bargainers and cheaters, please, be careful. Because, there are such few bad man in the world.
Thank you.
Dirgha Raj Prasai

Comment by Dirgha Raj Prasai

Very well described

Comment by lama tsering

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