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I continue to learn lessons in Asia
June 19, 2009, 10:38 am
Filed under: Nepal

Once you’ve been in Asia for awhile, you think you’ve learned it all. You know how to bargain well, how to get from place to place safely as a lone female, how to protect your things, and how to interact with the foreign culture. But there are some things that are still trial and error.

For example, I usually ignore the many Nepali men that follow me down the street going ‘Namaste madam, what is your name? Where are you from? My name is Prandar’ etc. Usually, this means that they want to start a conversation that will ultimately end with ‘…and come visit my shop.’ In my opinion, I never trust random Nepali men that I meet in the most touristy area of Kathmandu (Thamel). So I usually continue to walk down the street as if they don’t exist. Do I come off as a little harsh? Maybe, but I am not harming them, they are not harming me, and if I make any acknowledgment that they are alive then I will have them following me for 20 minutes instead of 2.

Anyway, I am continually frustrated with the Nepali men who come up to me whispering ‘Hash? You want to buy some weed? Drugs?’ Truthfully, it makes me pretty pissed. I am not interested in buying drugs in the slightest, and even if I was interested in buying drugs, you have no idea what kind of deal you’re getting yourself into with a man who is looking to take advantage of foreigners- you could either be ripped off, or the drugs could be fake or not done right, or they could be SO potent that this man could easily take advantage of you when you’re in a drug-induced state- plus the laws in Nepal- it is just not a safe situation to put yourself in on any count. The amount of drug offers I get in the Thamel area is unreal. I would say at least 15 men a day approach me while I’m walking the street asking if I would like some drugs.

So I decided to try an experiment today. When a man came up whispering to me for drugs, I would turn around and say really loudly, ‘NO THANK YOU, I AM NOT INTERESTED IN BUYING YOUR DRUGS,’ alerting everyone in the general vicinity. Then, I imagined the guy would shrink away, embarrassed- and maybe this would give some sort of message to at least one man in the Thamel area that not all foreigners are looking to buy drugs.

Well, it was a perfect set-up. I was walking down the street, and this kid came up to me whispering ‘Hash? Marijuanna? Crack Cocaine?’ and I turned around and said very loudly, ‘EXCUSE ME, BUT ARE YOU OFFERING ME DRUGS?’ A Police officer happened to be right around the corner. Perfect.
However, what ended up happening was this guy’s friend following me down the streets for 20 minutes shouting about how drugs are a gift from God and that God smokes every day. Meanwhile, the police officer cracked up, and I just looked like one of those loud and self-righteous foreigner jerks.

Plan totally backfired. Lesson learned. Back to ignoring.

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Bahuns & Co. wants HINDU KINGDOM so they can rule jatjani just like before

Comment by Andrez

wrong haeidng this time – not only royalists but majority want monarchy back now.

Comment by Jedan

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