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Best Summer of my Life.
July 2, 2009, 7:31 am
Filed under: Bangladesh

I am learning so much in every aspect of my life.
I am being treated like a regular employee at Grameen Solutions. My idea on poverty alleviation through mobile phones was chosen to be the top priority idea, and they all think that companies will invest. I am so happy, and so proud of this idea.
I can’t even begin to convey to you how busy and crazy my life here is, and how I am enjoying every second of it. When I’m not spending 9 hours at work thinking furiously about solutions to problems (Grameen Solutions, get it?), I am hanging out at the hostel with a whole bunch of new friends, sharing information, chilling out, having a great time. When I’m not hanging around them I am doing work, or sleeping, or eating, or passing out in exhaustion. I have no time to do anything else. I love it. I love my life here. I love everything about where I am right now.
Tomorrow I am going on a 12 hour boat ride with a bunch of other interns. See you in a few days.

Much love,

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