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Going to a Concert in the US
August 15, 2009, 5:32 pm
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Granted, I have not been to a concert outside of the US (with the exception of Varanasi and Calcutta in India, where I saw classical Indian concerts, and seeing Bonobo in Istanbul). But last night I went with my brother and sister to see Dave Matthews Band. Now, I’ve seen Dave Matthews Band before at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles about two years ago (they were amazing). But there’s something about watching them on a lawn with good old American hot dogs and beer, and dancing with your siblings that makes it that more special.

The thing that I love about Dave Matthews Band concerts, is that those that are fans of DMB are REALLY fans. So it’s like you’re with this large communal group with people who are all dancing, singing along with every song, and love the music just as much as you do. I really love Dave Matthews Band, and I’m glad they are so big; to me, they seem like one of the few bands out there that are incredibly talented, versatile, use a lot of cool instruments, and are actually appreciated by a large group of people.

Sitting in a lawn chair during one of the slow songs and looking at the people around me- my brother and his friend Sam running around and miming instruments, my brother’s friend Andrew (who celebrated his birthday with DMB- lucky guy) and his girlfriend dancing and enjoying a good time, my sister cracking up about something or other- made me think about how lucky I am to have all of these good things in my life, that I have more than I can possibly ever need and want, and at that moment I fully appreciated everything that was in front of me: good friends, good family, good music, good America, good life.

Much love,

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