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Packing Post- Clothes
August 24, 2009, 5:32 pm
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Hi friends! Sitting at the airport getting ready to go to COSTA RICA! This is my last post in the US for about four months.

Before we continue, I just want to say that Pictures from Bangladesh are up.

Anyway, this is the last post I have about packing, for travelers planning to go somewhere long term (traveling for more than one month). I hope that you all got some good ideas and tips on what to pack based on what I bring.

Also, to give you an idea of what I put all of these things IN, I use an Eagle Creek traveler’s backpack, and a small backpack to for carry-on for flights and as a day pack.

Check out after the jump if you’re interested.


Clothes are tricky. They are very personable, it depends on where you’re going, what clothes blend in with the culture (for example, wearing shorts in Bangladesh= NO), the weather, and most importantly, what you’re doing there. I’ve brought different clothes for every trip. If you’re planning on going on a trip where you’re going to be sweating a lot and doing volunteer work in a hot and humid climate, you don’t want to bring nice clothes. If you’re going traveling in a place where it is constantly raining, you want quick-dry pants and a rain coat. If you’re traveling in the winter in a cold country (like Turkey), you’ll want to bring a coat.

With that being said, you will find cool clothes in every country you come across (and cheap as well). I had no idea what to expect when I went on my Comparative Religion and Culture trip with Global College last year- so I just decided to bring to Taiwan the SAME clothes that I had worn on my trip through India. Well, I brought three pairs of pants and two shirts- bad idea. I had nothing nice to wear to temples, and I didn’t blend in with the culture at all. Luckily, there are markets everywhere, so it was pretty easy to find cheap clothes.

Also, buying clothes in other countries are fun- you are bound to find something really interesting that you won’t find in your home country. So you also shouldn’t bring EVERY little last piece of clothing that you’ll need- I guarantee that you will buy at least ONE article of clothing if you’re on an extended trip.

For my trip to South America, I picked out my clothes carefully, and I’m really happy with the diverse wardrobe I’m bringing. Since I’m doing an internship in Paraguay where they asked that I don’t ‘dress like a hippie traveler,’ I’ve brought some nice shirts that are fairly cheap and durable, so it won’t be the end of the world if they get ruined. Since I was told it rains a lot in South America, I brought a rain coat. And since I’m traveling in the Summer time in South America, I am bringing a lot of light and cool clothes. I’ve also kept in mind what kind of clothes is appropriate- fortunately, South America isn’t as conservative as a few places in SouthEast Asia (i.e. India, Nepal, Bangladesh), so I can wear tank tops and shorts and feel comfortable.

Like I said before, clothes are very personable, and this isn’t a MUST BRING list. It’s totally up to you what you’d like to bring. But if you’d like some guidance, this is what I brought:

– Towels. I don’t know if these count as clothes, but they are definitely important. I brought one small hand towel, and one regular towel. Some people like to bring pack towels, which are REALLY small towels that dry quickly- and I’ve heard from others that bringing a regular towel makes it gross and moldy. However, I’ve been using the same towel for two years and it’s perfectly fine, works great, and it doesn’t take up a lot of room in my backpack. It’s also kind of a ‘luxury’ item for me- I like to have a nice, strong towel after a shower. So this is what I bring.

– One rain jacket. Like I said before, I brought this because it rains quite a lot in South America.

– Two shorts– one knee-length, one thigh-length

– Two short pants (they go down to my knees)

– Two pants– one is a kind of tight-fitting lounge pant in case I’m doing manual work or traveling, and my lovely pair of green corduroys that I always associate with my travel gear (the ones as you can see, on the main page)

– Three tank tops (green, black, light blue). I use these for sleeping and for wearing during the day.

– Three nice shirts that are durable, light, breezy, and most importantly, where sweat stains don’t show so well.

– One shirt that’s nice (but cheap) and is almost kind of like half a dress, half a shirt

– One pair of black leggings that I can wear with the half dress shirt when I want to go out

– One bathing suit

– One short skirt made of cloth that I can lounge around in or wear to the beach

– Two pairs of socks (actually, why am I bringing these? I’m not bringing any sneakers)

– One fleece. Why, you ask? Sometimes it gets cold at night, and it’s nice to wear. Also, I love this fleece, because it has four pockets and you can zipper them all up- really great if I only have a few things to carry and I don’t want to bring a purse. I like to carry my jack knife in one of the pockets by my chest at night if I’m in a sketchy area.

– One small and lightweight sweatshirt– I get cold easily

– One large scarf that I can wrap around myself (I like to do this a lot)

– Two boxers (I sleep in)

– Four bras

– Five pairs of undewear

– One lightweight sports jersey, sports bra, and sports pants for if and when I feel like exercising

– Two shoes. One are durable Keene shoes that I’ve used since I’ve started traveling. They’re great for hiking, walking long distance in, and also for lounging around. The other is a pair of flip flops.

– One small purse that can hold essential items like a cell phone, IPod, etc. that I can keep close to me.

That’s it folks. I hope that helps a lot and gives you an idea of what to bring on a trip.

Much love,


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