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RIP Dee-Dee Storm, 1910-2009
August 31, 2009, 10:55 pm
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This weekend I went to Pennsylvania to go to my great grandmother’s funeral. Dee-Dee was a truly wonderful and generous person, a pioneer in her time, and a completely sassy and classy lady who always stood up for herself. The lady was 99 years old and until the last week, she was walking around and talking as if she was in her 50’s, her mind still as sharp as kitchen knives. It was a beautiful service, and I’m very happy and lucky to have had the opportunity to pay my respects to her. It was such a tribute to how amazing my extended family is, and how her influence has shaped so much of who we are.

Dee-Dee (with my her daughter and my grandmother Muzzy) on her 94th birthday.

I am back in Costa Rica, back to Spanish, to tortillas, to a million varieties of fruits, to walking 15 blocks every day to school with a can of pepper spray, and to the ant infestation in my bedroom. I am back to being a pioneer in my own time and traveling all over the world. I think that’s how Dee-Dee would have liked it.

Much love,

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Thanks for that loving tribute to the Deed Brit, I know she is proud of you, and so am I!!
Love you, Mama

Comment by Bonnie Boroian

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