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When Blogging Becomes a Burden
September 7, 2009, 2:21 am
Filed under: Costa Rica

Sometimes, just a crazy amount of things happen within a very short period of time. This weekend has been NUTS. I could write a long and detailed post for each hour the past week. But I’ve been so tired, and busy, and out there living my life instead of sitting on a computer, that I haven’t had the time or effort to write a decent blog post. Now I am sort of in this position where I don’t even know what to relay back to you all. Do I talk about LaCarpio, the poorest part of San Jose, where I went to with a teacher on Wednesday? Do I talk about all of the new students that have finally arrived at the Costa Rica Center, and how they are rocking every second of my world and me theirs? Do I go into more detail about the bonding haircut experience myself and three other Global College students went through? Do I elaborate on my experience in the Barrio Jesus community, where we did community service projects this Saturday? Should I SKIP all of that and just talk about the amazing mountain trip I went to this weekend with my homestay family, that resulted in all kinds of delicious food, nature walks, and my pathetic attempts at trying to talk in Spanish? Should I just forge on ahead to talk about the amazing experience I am about to have in Paraguay with my NGO, Fundación Paraguaya (which is amazing and I recommend EVERYONE to work with who is interested in interning with an NGO)?

As you can see, it is impossible for me to sort out what takes precedence or importance. So I decided to throw in a little bit of everything; for this post you get the spices, but not the meaty chunks. Hope you can deal with that for a bit while I valiantly try to organize my life, which has derailed into utter chaos.

Much love,

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