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September 9, 2009, 11:14 pm
Filed under: Costa Rica

Pejibaye, a Costa Rican fruit.

Here is to starfruit, anona fruit, empanadas, mi madre’s tacos, empanadas, tortillas con queso, jugo, arroz, pollo, vegetales, ensalada, plaintains, to hearts of palm that taste SO AMAZINGLY GOOD here, and all of the other amazing delicious fresh food I have been eating here in Costa Rica. Today I consumed so much delicious fruit at the Costa Rica center and then dined on a traditional lunch of rice, beans, peppers, chicken, and salad complete with pimiento- my body is definitely enjoying all of the fresh food.

Here is to my second time around applying to the Peace Corp, which I am feeling so much more positive about. I have a feeling. It is going to happen. I am going to get in.

Here is to my Spanish teacher I’ve been with for the past few weeks telling me he thinks by the end of October I’ll be fluent in Spanish.

Here is to my amazing Independent Study Semester and all of the beautiful freedom I have. I am so proud of what I am doing and that I am doing all of it myself.

Here is to all of the new friends and fellow students I have met at the Costa Rica center, who are all so amazing, intelligent, and interesting people.

Here is to my homestay house, where I live like a queen.

Here is to Costa Rica. Here is to LIFE! I am so happy.


Much love,


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