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Ohhhhh Panama (To the Canadian Theme Song)
September 20, 2009, 7:09 pm
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Hello dears,

Currently typing from an internet cafe in El Valle, just got here about an hour ago. Yesterday was another fun day in Panama City, but it was a tiring one- I needed some space. It is really nice to be out here in El Valle. It is much quieter, much more homely, and I feel a lot safer. I am almost reminded of Thailand being here- there is greenery everywhere, and it is a very laid back place.

Yesterday I braved El Diablo Rojo again (those crazy Panamanian buses) and made it to Panama Viejo, the old part of the city. There were crumbling ruins everywhere. Now, I am not really much of a person for crumbling ruins, but it was still interesting to check out. What was the most interesting to me was that the guards were so concerned about my safety, because I was walking down the path alone (Panama Viejo is not in an enclosed space, in fact it is in between a road, so many cars drive by). After debating about what to do for about 10 minutes, the guards decided that one of them was going to follow me around on his bike and stand around menacingly while I was allowed to take as many pictures as I wanted. Though I thought this a bit unneccesary, I deeply appreciated the extra precautions. Panamanian people are so nice.

I then headed over to the Panama Canal, the Mireflores Locks (one of the locks in Panama Canal that is probably the most famous since it is the tourist destination to see the Panama Canal). Wow. It was really, really interesting. I got there at the time when huge cargo ships were passing through. I just sat there in awe for over an hour, watching them move these huge cargo ships from one higher body of water to a lower one. Intense.

I ended my day at Albrook Terminal, which is basically the largest bus terminal in Panama. Right next to it is  HUGE mall. I wandered around a lot licking an ice cream cone. I was shocked to find that in most cases things were MORE expensive than they were in the United States. Since the US dollar is used here, I dont need to do crazy conversions in my head to figure out how much I am actually paying. I found a really cool pair of boots- $125 dollars. WHAT? No thank you.

However, I DID decide to finally watch The Hangover (which in Spanish is, ¿Que paso ayer? This means “What happened yesterday?”) and it only cost me $3.25. Exact same kind of movie theatre, same popcorn, same exact theatre. $3.25. This makes me very angry at the US for charging an obviously exorbitant amount of money to go see a movie. Also, a small popcorn was $1.30. Screw you, American movie theatres. I am glad I got to see the movie. It was hilarious, and even more so with a group of Panamanians, who appreciate everything (the movie was in English, with Spanish subtitles).

Panama has been a great experience, and I am enjoying El Valle. But I am definitely ready to go back to Costa Rica, to a nice bed with a hot shower. ¿Que pasaré mañana? We shall see.

Much love,


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