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No me gusta el tiempo frío
October 3, 2009, 7:04 pm
Filed under: Paraguay

Dear friends,

I have made an important realization in the past few days. My mood is VERY affected by weather.

Paraguay has had incredibly strange weather the past week, I have never seen anything like it. When I arrived at 2 AM on Tuesday, it was about 40 degrees outside. Today it is almost 90 degrees. We are talking about a 50 degree change in weather over five days. That is pretty unbelievable.

I have discovered that I DETEST the cold (actually, I had known that before, but I didn’t know my mood would be affected by it). I find that strange because I grew up in New Jersey, where there was snow every winter, and I remember going outside in my shorts in January and thinking that those who hated the cold were wimps. Now I am definitely one of those people. After living in sub-tropical areas for the past 8 years, not only do I dislike the cold, but I’ve come to see that my mood is very easily affected by it. I find that when I am cold, I have no desire to do anything except huddle in a pile of misery, and think everything is miserable. I saw Paraguay as a deserted and disheartening place, with unfriendly people. Now, today is it 90 degrees. I went skipping outside in a tank top and shorts and beamed at the sun. It was like I saw all of Paraguay in a completely different light. I wolfed down a large salad and kiwis and I am feeling fantastic.

Part of traveling is learning about yourself. Well, I can safely say I’ve learned a pretty important factor in determining my level of happiness. How to overcome it? That my friends, is the challenge.

Much love,


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I feel the same. we’re in for it in NY!

Comment by sonja

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