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October 24, 2009, 12:11 pm
Filed under: Uruguay

Whatever I had said previously about Uruguay being a strange country was entirely wrong. I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!!!!!

This is one of my favorite countries I´ve been to. I feel as if I´ve stumbled upon a pearl that very few take the time to know about. Montevideo takes on an entirely different character during the day. It is bohemia heaven before all of the wanna-be bohemians come and rip it apart, driving up prices horrendously, creating ripoffs and fakes, and making Montevideo more contrived. It is Buenos Aires, Casco Antiguo in Panama, Paris, Prague, before they became hot little tourist spots.

In the morning I wandered out into the day to discover Montevideo. The center of town that I´m in is surrounded on 3 sides by the ocean’ 5 blocks to my left, 5 blocks to my right, and 10 blocks down. The main road, 18 de Julio, stretches down from Tres Cruces (the bus terminal) to the shore, which gives a good 30 or so blocks of exploring.

Past Plaza Independence is the old part of the city, where I spent my morning. I walked outside to be greeted by street merchants hawking antique wares- rings, cameras from the 70´s, gramaphones from the 20´s, typewriters, aged books. I wandered down to find myself in a vegetable market, which only led to more street merchants. Ancient buildings, magnificently and volumously sculptured from around the 1920´s, were now painted a bright pastel color and housed canvases upon canvases of contemporary art for as little as 10 dollars. I wandered into an ´oriental´ shop to find a jaw-droppingly stunning enourmous cabinet with detailed Tibetan buddhist paintings- 200 dollars. Hoping to get a taste for seafood, I found what looked like to a large warehouse that had now been converted into small little restaurants, with elegant little tables and elaborately dressed waiters, surrounded by spitfires twice the size of me full to the brim with roasted steak, chicken, red peppers, potatoes, and seafood galore. Right nearby was a small empanada shop with about 50 different kinds of empanadas- I opted for a capresse one, and a calamari one. Two dollars for both.

In the afternoon, I decided to go to Colonia Del Sacramento, a small town known for its ancient buildings right on the sea. After a two hour bus ride, I spent the afternoon walking around in awe at this gorgeous village, which looked exactly like Tuscany, Italy, except right on the ocean- little art stores, shops, and restaurants spilled out everywhere, and I spent the better part of the afternoon reading inside a grand art cafe.

I absolutely love it here. I feel as if I am the luckiest person in the world to have all of these amazing travel experiences. Today I had planned to go to Punta del Este, a beach town about 2 hours away from Montevideo, but I decided that I love Montevideo so much that I´m going to stay and suck up as much of the life here as I can. I feel so, so lucky to be here. I never want to leave.

Much love,

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