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Buenos Airessss
November 22, 2009, 4:06 am
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Buenos Aires. Is amazing.

As I have so much work to do right now, I haven’t had the time to explore the city as much as I’ve wished, or the time to give a blog post worthy of how amazing this place is. But just take my word for it. Come here. I’ve spent the past 5 days wandering around different areas of the city- Avenida Florida (the main city street for shopping), the microcentro (downtown Buenos Aires), Recoleta (a gorgeous area that houses all kinds of great restaurants, the famous ice cream shop ‘Freddo,’ the Art Museum which is quite cool, and the Cemetary that holds all of the most important people of Buenos Aires, which is definitely a must-see if you come here), and Puerto Madero (the area by the sea where there are all kinds of amazing restaurants- I dined on as much raw oysters and raw salmon as my stomach could handle at an elegant restaurant for 40 dollars).

I love Buenos Aires because of the architecture, and because it is so romantic. It feels like Europe to me, except 10 times better. I am not ashamed to say that I’ve gone on a bit of a shopping spree while here- I bought two winter coats for New York next semester, the most gorgeous dress I’ve ever seen in my life, a pair of strappy European-esque sandals, and a leather messenger bag- and the beauty of all of this was how CHEAP it was. If I had bought these in Europe, or even the United States, each item would’ve probably been at least over $150 dollars- whereas in Buenos Aires, I got them for $20. I feel almost as if it’s an investment to buy as many nice clothes down here as I can because it is so cheap. Staring at myself in the mirror today with the gorgeous dress I bought, complete with the strappy sandals, made me feel as if I was out of a Sex and the City movie. To me, this defines Buenos Aires- it is so chic, so beautiful, so modern and interesting– and because all everyone cares about is France and London, I get to experience all of the stunning beauty myself, at 3/4ths of the price. Everything in this city appeals to every sense, it’s almost a sin. The weather is gorgeous, warm outside but with a nice breeze- I am constantly surrounded by salads, salads galore! Which makes me incredibly happy- and raw salmon or even beef if I feel like indulging, which are at such low prices- and then of course, the dulce de leche and the lemon merengue pie here is unreal. The food, the clothes, the views, the weather, the nightlife- I love EVERYTHING about this place.

Plus it’s a 50 minute ferry boat ride to Uruguay.

Am I moving to Buenos Aires permanently some day? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

As I said before, I am swamped with work. It is ‘portfolio time’ for my school, which essentially means correcting every single paper I’ve written this semester, WRITING a huge research paper, writing an integrative essay about my semester, and putting it all together in a huge ‘portfolio’ to hand into my school- it’s nervewracking. It’s so time-consuming that I haven’t been able to even find time to write on this blog. Today I decided to stay in and work all day- 15 pages later, with 7 episodes of Mad Men watched (I like to work 15 minutes, and watch something for 15 minutes- this is my method for portfolio writing) and 1 raw salmon salad, 2 empanadas, 1 coke, and 3 different kinds of chocolate/dulce de leche consumed (food is a free-for-all on portfolio time, and it doesn’t matter the time or day), I am proud to say that I have finally transcribed all of my interviews from borrowers, and now I am moving onto interviews with the staff. I WILL have everything transcribed by this Wednesday or else!!

Sorry for my inane rambling. I have had about 5% human interaction today. It is 1 AM. Back to work.

Much love friends,

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