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Maybe Argentina won’t cry for me, but I’ll sure cry ‘cuz I miss it…
November 27, 2009, 4:45 am
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Let’s pretend I’m still in Argentina, for the sake of transporting everyone back in time because I’ve been too busy to actually update.

I have spent 10 wonderful, beautiful days in Buenos Aires. While I wish I could’ve fully enjoyed it to the best that I could, I unfortunately didn’t. Most of my was spent being consumed with my Peace Corps interview, my huge research project, and a mad search for apartments in New York.

Fortunately, staying with a lovely Argentinian family made this ordeal much easier. I was able to stay with the lovely Del Cioppo family in the suburbs, friends of my Mom’s friends in Florida… I have the easy life, friends. Anyway so I got to hang out with this really cool family for a week and learn a bit about the ‘Argentinian life.’ Which is basically hanging out and drinking a lot of wine, and eating freaking amazing empanadas. I will not complain.

One of my favorite things about traveling is meeting random people on the street. Which is exactly what happened to me when I went to the Sunday market in San Telmo. I had just arrived and was wandering around, trying to find a place that would exchange my American dollars to pesos, and I ran into another fellow American, who was nice enough to change my money for me. We randomly ended up spending the ENTIRE day together, which included wandering up and down the market for 2 hours, catching a bus to El Palermo (this beautiful but ritzy area of Buenos Aires), finding this AMAZING store called Kali Ma and buying a whole bunch of gorgeous Indian pantaloons and dresses, and then ending it all at a fancy restaurant, where I promptly got drunk on amazing red wine while dining on amazing beef, and spilled pretty much 75% of my secrets. Then I had to be guided back to the train station. Ohhh life.

As I said, while I loved Buenos Aires, I feel that I didn’t get to experience any flavor or culture, because I couldn’t fully appreciate it while I was there. My mind was completely consumed by other things. Instead of marveling at the culture, the shops, the food, the art- I was preoccupied. Although that is sad, I’m so glad that I got a little ‘taste’ of what Argentina is like. I know that I will come back here in the future someday, for longer.

Much love,

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Hi, how are you?…thanks for your words!… We are so happy you felt good and happy at home. If you come back anyday, please call us so we can show you more of Buenos Aires and Tigre and other places….Next time, if you come, you have to go to Bariloche or La Angostura in the South. It is very nice, with lakes and mountains like in Chile.
Ahora te escribo en Español para que practiques, fue un placer tenerte en casa y poder ayudarte en tu estadia en Buenos Aires. Me alegro que la hayas pasdo bien y lograras tu trabajo…Los niños preguntan por vos y por que te fuiste, se ve que te tomaron cariño y Juan y yo tambien. Bueno, espero que tu viaje siga muy bien y que la vuelta a Usa sea perfecta.
Con cariño,

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