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The first pictures of China
May 21, 2010, 5:38 am
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The first pictures of China are up! Check them out below!

Travel Gem! So it’s ok if I smoke in the bathroom…and by the window… and on the ceiling… but not on the bed.

Jing Du Yuan Hotel, the place we are staying

Beijing… note the “Youth Hostel Chains.” I definitely wish we had stayed there.


The best roast duck in all of China. Supposedly. But the best I’ve ever tasted.

My cousins Elise and Sam, totally jet lagged and zonked out at dinner. They’re lookin’ FIERCE though!

Peking duck pancake. This was the most amazing thing of my life… I need to go back to this restaurant.

That mound of roast duckling on the plate to the right was consumed in about five seconds.

Roast Duck Restaurant. Go there.


Left to Right: Elise, Sam, (my cousins), Hillary, Donner (my sister and brother) in Beijing.

Tiananmen Square, Beijing

The Chinese a) wear umbrellas to ward off the sun, b) travel in tourist packs, and c) take millions of pictures. It’s quite a funny sight to witness.

Tiananmen Square, Beijing

One of the many ware-hawkers at Tainanmen Square

Mao Zedong

Some pictures of the Forbidden City.

Umbrellas everywhere. I find it funny that in the United States, everyone wants to be tan and so goes to the beach all of the time to soak in the sun- while in Asia, everyone wants to be whiter, so they routinely carry umbrellas to BLOCK the sun.

My brother and sister and me

A sun dial!

This was taken approximately two seconds before this ware-hawker turned and started screaming at me for taking a picture of her. Yes lady, it is completely inappropriate for me to take a picture of you when you are a) selling cheaply made items in one of the most touristy and photographed areas in China, and b) wearing ridiculous hats on your head.

My sister Hillary

Three lovely ladies in the Forbidden City

My bro holding up the Forbidden City

This is a pretty regal looking shot of all of us in the Forbidden City

The gorgeous garden area in the Forbidden City

Chinese people love to pose with us.

A view of the Forbidden City

In the afternoon, we took a bike ride around Beijing. This is Hao Hai, a really cool area of Beijing that stretches around a lake.

Rickshaw Drivers

Chinese Starbucks!

Black Sesame Green Tea Roll- Starbucks definitely has some different pastries…

Hao Hai, Beijing

This is a restaurant. Where does this look familiar…?

Funny little exercise spots all around Beijing

Bike ride in Hao Hai

Where we saw an acrobatics show in Beijing

Travel gem! I did not know Pringles offered flavors such as ‘Shrimp’ and ‘Seaweed.’

This is jade being carved at a huge jade factory that we went to in Beijing.

The jade factory in Beijing

Tourist trap. A good tourist trap. I caved in and got a pair of jade earrings. Thirty bucks. Love ’em.

Gorgeous jade pearls.

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Thank you for including us to share your tour memories. Fascinating. My favorite (other seeing all you handsome young people) PEKING DUCK. YUM.

Comment by GB

Brittany: These are GREAT pictures – I have been grinning the whole time. I love that you are all there together and thanks for being the historian! Much love, Aunt Jami (PS – This is my very first visit to, and comment on, a blog)

Comment by Jami McKeon

So great! Grama and I loved the pics and seeing all of you together!

Comment by auntie sue

Now I’m really jealous. What fantastic pictures and what an incredible experience. Drink it in. P.S. there’s a darned good Peking Duckhouse in NYC. Peking/Bejing Duckhouse. Compare it when you get home.

Comment by Uncle Doon

jade is beautiful and too bad you have to leave… I can take you to some pretty bomb duck places in Monterey Pary…. another day…

Comment by Letty

Brit: you are a wizard! Thank you so much for making our trip a memorable experience that we can revisit on line whenever the mood hits us. I love the Boroians!

Comment by Mary Banks

We love the Banks!

Comment by brittanygoesglobal

The pictures brought back memories of my 5 year stay in Beijing..they are great.

Comment by Sereti

Wow, what an honor! So glad you enjoyed the pictures 🙂

Comment by brittanygoesglobal

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