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June 7, 2010, 3:11 pm
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Dear friends,

Below are the final pictures of China (I know, I have an exhaustingly large amount from this trip. Working out the camera I got a few months ago, I suppose), in which we were in Shanghai. We spent two days in Shanghai, one day of which was touring the city, and the second of which was a designated ‘free day,’ where we all went to the Shanghai World Expo.

Shanghai as a city, is really awesome. It was a shame that we only got to spend two days there- I wish we could’ve stayed two months. I’ve never seen a city like it– it’s an up and coming superpower (though I hear that Hong Kong makes Shanghai look like a child’s playground). Merely 15 years ago, Shanghai was akin to farm land, and the amount of high rises that have gone up since then is CRAZY! Today, there’s a gorgeous full-fledged city, with carefully manicured gardens and futuristically-designed buildings that light up like fireworks at night. It’s a city that was built to be in awe of, and so I’d say it was the perfect place to host the 2010 World Expo.

The World Expo (which we saw our last day), was very high up there on my list of amazing experiences I’ve had while traveling. If you’re wondering what the World Expo is: imagine the Disneyworld Epcot, except times 1,000.
(For you readers who aren’t American, the World Expo is a place to promote different cultures and technological advances from all over the world, in one place. Most countries have a ‘pavilion’ where they house their own nationalistic advances, to showcase to the public).

As you all know, I am an avid traveler. To be able to visit all kinds of pavilions that houses different cultural sights, was exhaustingly rewarding for me. It’s an anthropologist’s dream, for sure. Every single place we visited, whether inside or out, was bursting with different cultural flavor. I found myself repeating throughout the entire day ‘I can’t believe how lucky we are to be here.’

We went inside the Indonesia pavilion, Belgium, the Pacific Islands pavilion, Luxemburg, the African pavilion, and we tried to get into the United States pavilion, but were too impatient to wait in a 3 hour line (many of the ‘big’ pavilions, like many European ones, the United States, the Chinese pavilion, and others, had queue lines of 3-4 hours. We all decided beforehand this was not our cup of tea, and spent most of our time aimlessly walking around and seeing the outside of the pavilions, which I personally think is more worthwhile than going in them).

All too soon, the day turned dark and we hauled our weary selves into a cab and back to our hotel, to pack for our flights the following day. China was an exceptionally wonderful experience, and I can’t believe how lucky I was to be able to go. I hope to come back there someday to sample more than just a taste of it, and to explore even further areas (I’m itching to go to Hong Kong, for starters).

Check out the final pictures of Shanghai below!

The Pearl Tower in Shanghai. An emblem for how alien and technologically progressive this city is.


The elevator leading up to the top of the Pearl Tower- one of the fastest elevators in the world.

A view of Shanghai from the Pearl Tower

The Pearl Tower is freaking awesome.

Sam and Hil


We went to see a demonstration of how silk worms create silk. These are different life stages of the silk worm.

The cocoon.

Dead silk worms. Basically you get the cocoon soaking wet and then pull them out of the cocoon, leaving only the silk.

Then the cocoons are stretched over these metal hoops. The smallest combines ten to create a semi-strong silk cover, which is then placed on the larger hoop. Then the larger hoop takes ten of the smaller ones (all in all, 100 cocoon sacks are used). Wild.

Then workers pull apart this silk mass (plus tons more) to make into stuffing for bed covers.

Pretty cool.

Shanghai Expo is everywhere.

A view of Shanghai, the most interesting city.

At night time, the entire city lights up in all kinds of different colors. This is the highway.

Downtown Shanghai at night

This really crazy mall in Shanghai

If you can’t read this, this is a menu item that reads ‘The wild Germ Hates Soup with Crisp Skin.’

Ultimate Travel Gem.

Heading towards the Shanghai World Expo 2010!

The Indonesia Pavilion

Hil and Sam inside the Indonesia Pavilion

The Malaysia Pavilion

The Singapore Pavilion. I love all of this crazy architecture.

The Philippines and Thailand

The Pacific Pavilion is this huge pavilion for all of the independent islands in the world.

Inside the Pacific Pavilion

My bro

CU Buffs looking for directions

Siberia. So cool.


Belgium. We went into this one. Really interesting.

The inside of the pavilions house a lot of touristy information about the country, and what makes them stand out from other countries. In the Belgium pavilion, they had a whole area dedicated to making chocolate.

Switzerland pavilion. We didn’t go into a lot of the European ones, because the lines were 2-3 hours long.

Sam in front of Poland

United Kingdom pavilion. I think this was easily the coolest one, in picture and in person.

Luxemburg. We went into this one.

We stop to watch a very Disneyworld-esque parade about the World Expo.

Germany Pavilion

We went into Luxemburg. Mostly because it looked like Pride Rock from the Lion King.

The architecture in each of these pavilions were gorgeous.

A view of the Shanghai expo

My brother and sister

The African pavilion. Most African countries were housed in this large pavilion.


Pavilions also sell items from their home countries. I picked up this mask visiting the Eritrea pavilion.

Guess which country?


Finally, the USA Pavilion!

We waited in this line for about 50 minutes and then gave up.

The Shanghai World Expo at night.

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Once again, I love living vicariously through your pictures! You have such a gift for capturing special clips that speak volumes. I especially love all family photos. You all look so happy. How wonderful that you could experience and discover this together. Thank you so much for sharing these with me. Hope we see each other soon. Jen’s baby should be here in 3 weeks!!!! A new addition to our family….beginning her road to discovery….

Comment by Auntie Sue

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