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June 8, 2010, 5:41 pm
Filed under: Plain Mary Jane

Dear friends,

One of the great things that I’ve been proud to be a part of these past few months (leading up to the launch date, which was last week!) is iShop4Microfinance.

iShop4Microfinance is an online platform for socially conscious shoppers to raise money for micro-finance- at no cost to them! And since I know that many of you readers ARE socially conscious, all you need to do is your normal online shopping (Amazon, iTunes, the Gap, Walmart, etc.) by clicking through iShop4Microfinance, and then whatever you buy, 4% of your total spending is donated to Acumen Fund, Grameen Foundation, and Kiva.

This is EXTRA amazing and special to me because I have worked with Acumen Fund, Kiva, AND Grameen Bank (Grameen Foundation is a sister company). So I urge all of you to bookmark this site and remember to click through it for whenever you do your normal online shopping!

I think it’s so awesome that this website and concept exists, and more importantly, that we can all be a part of it, without even needing to do anything.

Stay tuned for more updates (I found out where I’ll be going for my Kiva fellowship!)

Much love,

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