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Lots and Lots of New Blog Posts!
June 17, 2010, 11:45 pm
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Dear friends,

Before I created this blog, I originally had two different facebook groups, which my friends were a part of. I sent them all updates every week or so about my adventures abroad, until it got to the point where I decided that I should create a public forum for not just friends and family, but for many others to have the opportunity to view as well.

However, this means that I have a lot of posts from India, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey that are similar in format and structure to some of the posts on here– but have actually never made it to this blog, because it didn’t exist yet! And so I decided this week that I would remedy that situation. After hours of careful editing and putting in pictures AND video, I am really happy to announce that I have added LOTS of old posts from Taiwan, Thailand, India, Turkey, and even Costa Rica– all for your reading pleasure. I also felt that a lot of response papers I wrote for Global College throughout these countries adequately addressed many of the cultural nuances and experiences I was going through at the time, and so I have added some more educational and informational posts for all of you to check out.

So how do you find these?

For Taiwan, Click on the newly created Taiwan link, and scroll all the way down to begin reading.

For Thailand, Click on the newly created Thailand link, and scroll all the way down to begin reading.

For India, there are QUITE a lot of posts, that stems from my FIRST day traveling! Click here and scroll all the way down to begin reading about my journeys in India, and then when you’re finished, go to page 2, and then after that, page 1, to be fully caught up to speed.

For Turkey there is only one new post, which you can click here to go to, and then scroll all the way down to access.

Finally, the two Costa Rica papers are accessible here, and here.

I really hope that you enjoy all of them. Happy reading!

Much love,

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