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Kiva! Your pre-training is amazing
June 20, 2010, 11:39 pm
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Dearest friends,

I am currently relaxing at home in Florida, in a stationary place for the time being. My time is currently being divided up into a number of categories: lots of Bikram Yoga, which I love- outings with my family, which I also love- unpacking all of my boxes from New York, which I don’t love SO much- and pre-training for Kiva, which has been an incredibly interesting and rewarding experience.

I’ve spent the past week going OVER and OVER this UNDCF Microfinance Distance Learning Course, as a requirement for my pre-training. FINALLY. I am learning about the FINANCIAL background of micro-finance institutions. If you peruse the ‘links’ section of my blog (or generally read the blog at all), you’ll probably realize that I have quite an extensive amount of work with micro-finance. However, the vast majority of what I’ve studied (and this includes a huge research project, by the way), are the SOCIAL aspects of micro-finance, rather than whether an MFI (micro-finance institution) is financially viable and why.

So basically, this course has been kicking my ass with a lot of completely new concepts- calculating APRs (annual percentage rates), PARs (portfolios at risk), learning to read balance and income sheets, and even doing some work in Excel! And SO MUCH more. This is the education I have always wanted but haven’t learned- and finally I am learning, just in time for me to go work with an MFI in Nairobi for four months. I feel that the things that I’ll learn about micro-finance with this fellowship will be paramount.

This makes me seriously excited. Kiva’s fellowship pre-training documents are SO AWESOME, and I can only imagine how great their actual training will be in San Francisco.

If you REALLY want to learn about micro-finance, apply to be a Kiva fellow! Or at the very least, take this online micro-finance course. It is amazing.

This is all for now. Stay tuned.

Much love,

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