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On to San Francisco
July 12, 2010, 2:16 am
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Dear friends,

I arrived in San Francisco yesterday (a little side note- in conjunction to the previous post, I chose the suitcase). I am here to begin training for the Kiva Fellows program. In a week I will begin my next traveling adventures (which includes Egypt and Jordan for 10 days, Kenya for three months working with a micro-finance institution called Faulu Kenya, and then a month of traveling through Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and maybe even Ethiopia), and I wanted to take the time to reflect a bit on starting a new chapter. In many ways, it doesn’t seem to me like I am starting a completely new phase in my life. I’ve traveled before- I’ve worked with micro-finance institutions before, I’ve lived out of a backpack (or in this case, suitcase) for months on end, and I’ve had a plethora of different experiences. And the thing is, it all sounds very similar- what I’ve done in the past, and what I’m doing now. But it FEELS very different than before. I feel that starting this fellowship with Kiva is an introduction to a whole new chapter in my life. I’ve graduated college, and now launching a career in this field feels very real, and very different.

And so because of that, I’ve been feeling a bit melancholy, as if I’m saying goodbye to all of the old things and experiences I had. My amazing travels with the Carpe Diem, the CRC program, my independent study semester in South America, New York– my dreadlocks, my shaved head, my lip piercing, all of the people I met along the way on my incredible college journey- homestay families and my Tibetan family, dear friends, expats, locals, professors and mentors- it’s as if that chapter in my life suddenly closed without my knowledge, and I am just realizing it. Now all I see in front of me is a blank slate, with tentative dates and plans that have not yet fallen into place.

But while a part of me feels that small lump in my throat when I think back to so many amazing experiences and journeys that have come to an end, I also look forward to the future with my head held high. I have plans, dreams, and goals. I am going to be a Kiva fellow in Kenya. I am going to join the Peace Corps. I am going to go to graduate school and get an MBA. And I am going to continue to travel and experience all of the wonderful, sweet, and dizzying things this world has to offer, good and bad. While the door on my undergraduate education has closed, an entire ocean-view window- complete with over-looking balcony of the golden gate bridge- has opened. And I’m ready.

Here we go, Kiva.

Much love friends and supporters,


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