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In transit- here we go again
July 20, 2010, 2:27 am
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Dear friends,

So bear with me here because blog posts are (hopefully) going to start getting a lot more frequent than the last six months- mostly out of pure joy, because I find myself traveling again, rather than posting out of necessity (which I’ve had to do a lot during my tenure in New York…). ANYWAY, I am currently in transit at London Heathrow, meandering through the airport at 7 AM (London time, 2 AM New York time), and I found myself stumbling upon the same old patterns that I often experience while traveling alone- patterns that I had completely forgotten about. A sort of feeling of independence- a feeling that I am completely in charge of where I’m going and what I’m doing. A feeling of calm contentedness, like my bags are a part of my own body, traipsing up and down the different terminals and making headway to Egypt Air like it’s my job. Meeting an old couple from North Carolina who were on their way to Ireland- ‘Egypt? You’re going to Egypt ALONE?’ Yes, I am crazy. I’m a crazy 22 year old American female who’s traveling alone to Africa..

To be truthful, I’ve felt a bit more uncomfortable going back into the unknown world of traveling- more uncomfortable than I’ve ever felt before. When traveling to Asia, Europe, South America- I was all for it. But while planning this crazy itinerary to Africa, a small nagging doubt surfaced at the back of my mind, which I’ve tried hard to ignore- questions such as, ‘Will I REALLY enjoy traveling again? I haven’t done it in so long. Am I ready to go back to living in hostels with bed bugs, wearing the same clothes for weeks on end, and living my life out of a bag?’ And it hasn’t helped that the past week, I’ve been pretty much living in the lap of luxury- staying at my beautiful Aunt and Uncle’s house in San Francisco for Kiva training, hanging out at a nice hotel in New York that my Dad set up for me because he’s a member- even going to London BUSINESS class!! Because as already stated, my Dad is absolutely amazing and knows how to pull strings on American Airlines like a pro (thanks Dad).  So a small, negligent part of me, frets over what it’s going to be like going from the most deluxe experiences such as these, to sharing a $6 a night dorm room with six people in Cairo and ultimately living on a shoestring budget again (Now don’t get me wrong here: I’ve done a lot worse, and there’s nothing quite as fun as hanging out with the backpacking crowd while traveling. My only fear was that the adjustment would be harder than usual because I’ve recently had this extravagance).

But here I am traveling again, and while I was waiting in London to check my bags through, a huge smile stole over my face at the sheer joy of me versus the world, yet again. I’ve talked about in previous posts that ‘part’ of myself that only pops out when I’m traveling independently, venturing forth into the unknown- and quite suddenly, it is here again. And I couldn’t be happier to be back in this place in my life. I’m ready for it all, Africa. Bring it on.

Flight’s starting to board. Gotta go!

More soon,


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I’m sure you will love it again, it will all come rushing back. Extravagances and materialism is nothing compared to the joys of experiencing new and unique things, and making memories. Have fun and keep writing!

Comment by Olivia, Allman

You’re the best! And completely right. Come hang out with me in Africa, lady!

Comment by brittanygoesglobal

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