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Goodbye Middle East!
July 28, 2010, 5:02 pm
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The Red Sea

Today was my last full day in Jordan, and I tried to take advantage of it to the fullest. I know that I’ll be in Nairobi for three months, without a beach in sight– and so I headed down to Aqaba, down in Southern Jordan, to relax by the Red Sea for a few blissful hours and snorkel. I went to the Royal Diving Club and spent a good amount of time cooling off in the deliciously cold water.

Jordan has been amazing. Incredible country, incredible people, so many fabulous sights to see, wondrous food to eat, and friends to make. I’m surprised at how much of the country I covered in a mere four days– I would love to come back here someday (if only to go back to the Zara Spa, or REALLY splurge on the Red Sea and stay at the Radisson Blu, which looks astounding and has jet skis, yachts, and all kinds of mind-boggling amenities). I’ve been talking it up to my parents because I know how much they would love it.

My post ends here- these past four days have been incredible but exhausting, and I have a full 25 hour travel day ahead of me to Ethiopia (one bus, two taxis, and three flights). I’m not quite sure what the internet situation is in Ethiopia, but I’ll try my best to update regularly.

Before I go, I’d like to give a huge thanks to Rick Wandoff, who sparked my interest to travel to Ethiopia in the first place. Rick has been to Ethiopia multiple times and adopted a daughter there. I am staying with a friend of his, Yoseph, in Addis Ababa for free, and he is taking me anywhere around the country I desire to go. I can’t imagine how exciting this next week will be! Thanks so much again Rick, and Yoseph, who is letting me stay with his family!

Sleep beckons. Dreaming of Ethiopia already. Or maybe that’s my lucid dreaming starting up from taking malaria pills. Either or, I’m happy.

Much love,


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