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A Bit About Kenya
August 10, 2010, 1:59 pm
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Dear friends,

Sorry I haven’t written in a few days. Finding reliable internet here has proved to be much more of a challenge then I originally thought!

Kenya is fantastic so far. I have successfully moved into a gorgeous and fully furnished 3 bedroom apartment. There’s hardwood floors and old-fashioned windows with lots of natural light, which is just what I wanted. I have a large room with red curtains, zebra-print covers on my bed, and lots of sunlight! Shower with HOT water! A maid that comes every day and cleans the entire house, does the dishes, and our laundry (and this is price-inclusive- and believe me, I’m paying less than half of what I would for a room in the US, so the amenities are amazing!) My roommate, Walter, is 25 and working in the financial sector in Nairobi (right up my alley, so it’s nice to chat with him about the social enterprise). We both love to cook, and I think we’re going to get along really well. We are renting the apartment from a really nice Kenyan/Irish couple, who have an adorable 2 year old daughter. Best of all, the place is located directly behind the ‘Junction Mall’– apparently in Nairobi ALL directions are given in vicinity to what mall you are by. The location is a HUGE plus- Walter likes to call the Junction Mall ‘a little slice of America.’ There are all kinds of stores, a ‘Java Cafe,’ movie theatre, and HUGE shopping mart featuring pretty much every kind of food you can possibly imagine. Directly in front of the mall is the bus line (they are called ‘matatus’ here, which is essentially a huge van which people pile into to get around the city) that takes me straight to work.

The first few days have been a lot of settling in and getting acquainted with my living situation. Buying groceries, getting sim cards (for phone AND internet- in Kenya they have sort of USB sticks where you input sim cards, and you can use the internet anywhere. Pretty ingenious method, but WAY expensive. However, I’m probably not doing it right yet), getting acquainted with Faulu Kenya, and basically trying to orient myself around Kenyan life. I’m taking in Kenya much slower than I did in Egypt, Jordan, and Ethiopia- maybe because I know that I’ll be here for awhile, so I have time.

I’m really excited to see where these next few months will take me, and the things that I’ll learn.

Speaking of learning, I’d also like to make an exciting announcement!

I am working with Faulu Kenya from Monday to Thursday, and taking Fridays to explore other organizations in Nairobi. Nairobi is one of the most densely populated areas in the world for international development, which means there are countless organizations in my sector that I’m really interested in connecting with and seeing what they’re doing. So to bring a bit of continuity to the blog, each Friday I plan to visit a different organization, and then feature them in a blog post! These organizations will all vary: non-profit, NGO, government organization, for-profit, social enterprise; one Friday I could be visiting an orphanage and the next a United Nations office. You won’t know until I post! Since a lot of my blogging is about traveling (change yourself), I thought this could be a fun way to integrate the other tagline of the website (change the world).

But I’d also like to get YOU, the readers, involved as well! If you know of GREAT organizations in Nairobi, then suggest them in the comments! I will definitely take them into serious consideration.

Whether I’ll actually be going THIS Friday is up to debate, as I still feel a bit disoriented with the city (but in reality, I’m waiting to hear back from an organization to see if I can visit this week). But starting soon, expect weekly Friday posts about what the international development scene looks like in Nairobi!

So there you have it guys. Time for sleep!

Much love,


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