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Giraffes and Elephants
September 7, 2010, 1:10 am
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Dear friends,

Yesterday was one of those completely perfect, amazing days, where everything goes right. If visiting an elephant orphanage center and watching baby elephants drink out of milk bottles and frolic in a watering hole didn’t get me as the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, then it might have been the giraffe center, where I got to feed and pet the giraffes at face level- and even get a few giraffe kisses! Or maybe it was the Karen Blixen Museum, an artifact from both the amazing novel and book, Out of Africa (which I had luckily just watched Saturday night!), or the Kazuri bead factory. Perhaps it was from lunch at the laid back, quiet, and leisurely Tamambo Restaurant, overlooking a peaceful and sweet-smelling garden, where I ate the best cheeseburger in my life, downed with fresh squeezed orange juice.

But most likely, it was because I got to experience all of these wonderful things with another really interesting, amazing traveler, Emma, who spent the whole day with me to take in the adventure.

Feeding bottles for the elephants

Baby elephant stomping grounds

The first of the baby elephants!

Lunch time

Play time!

Seeing all of these elephants playing together in a watering hole was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

One of the elephant tenders cooling off the babies

One happy and full baby elephant

Sun bake time

This baby is thirsty


I see Pumbaa… where’s Timon?

Bye babies

The warthogs take a chance at the swimming hole

Time for the adolescent elephants. Not as playful as the babies, but that’s how teenagers do.

A warthog wallowing in the pool

One of the adolescent elephants plays around with the watering can

Bye elephants!

A rhino!

A real live giraffe! So much more amazing to see it in real life.

Oh hey there buddy

Kissing giraffes is the most fun part. Their tongues are really leathery- like getting a facial exfoliation


These giraffes will do anything for pellets. Otherwise, they’re not interested in you.

Brittany Boroian in Nairobi, Kenya!

A little secret: place the feed pellet on your lips and the giraffe will kiss you! This is actually really fun.

Giraffes and warthogs together

This giraffe looks like he’s mauling my face. Don’t worry, it’s all love!

I was even lucky enough to get a giraffe hug

Beautiful animals

One last kiss for the road

On our way to the Karen Blixen Museum, from the movie Out of Africa

Such a serene place. This is the original house, and the outside was also shot for the film!

Out of Africa

Some of the beautiful flowers around here

Hard to tell this is Nairobi- it’s so quiet, peaceful, and green.

A cactus TREE?

The back of Karen Blixen’s house

Kazuri homemade beads factory

Where the clay is processed

The end result! Gorgeous beads. I couldn’t resist buying earrings.

The end to our wonderful day at Tamambo Restaurant, right next to the Karen Blixen museum. Best cheeseburger I’ve ever had.

My travel companion, Emma! Thanks so much for an awesome day Emma!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Much love,


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I love your phototgrah taken at the animal orphanage and giraffe center.
Do you mind if I can use some of them in my blog. I will credit your name for the photos.

Comment by CRY ME AN ONION

Hey Peter,

I’m glad you like the pictures! I think using them on your blog would depend on the context you were using them, so to be safe I’d say I’d prefer if you didn’t. But thanks for asking, and happy reading!

Comment by brittanygoesglobal

I accept your decision. I still think you have great pictures.
My son almost got trample by a baby elephant at the animal orphanage. More scare than hurt.

Comment by CRY ME AN ONION

giraffes are my favorite animal!!! woohoo. they have a similar set up at the zoo in tampa where you can feed the giraffes and touch them and stuff. it was fun, but i didn’t make out with any giraffes haha.

Comment by h j

Then you obviously haven’t lived. Haha just kidding.

Comment by brittanygoesglobal

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