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September 17, 2010, 3:43 pm
Filed under: Kenya

Dear friends,

After six intense weeks, I am finally out of the city of Nairobi for a weekend vacation with my dear Africa Kiva fellows (Sarah, Ann, and Katie). We are relaxing in Mombasa (a city in Kenya right on the coast), soaking up the sun and the beach and absolutely relieved to have outlets to talk about ALL things related to Kiva (no one quite understands Kiva jargon like the Fellows) until we’re blue in the face. We are all feeling pretty burnt out from work, so to be able to have this blissful weekend on the beach is wonderful and sorely needed.

The BEACH in Mombasa is absolutely gorgeous- I have never seen sand so white. The four of us arrived at around 3 PM and stretched luxuriously on the sand, where Sarah and Ann took a brief respite by taking a camel ride (yes, the camel’s name was Obama), and Katie and I took a swim in the ocean, where we miraculously came upon a gospel music video being shot. About 20 Kenyan people wearing colorful polos and black pants/skirts danced in the waves, and Katie and I swam over to get a better look. Suffice to say, two mzungus (foreigners) in bikinis ended up dancing in the gospel music video.

It is wonderful to be hanging out in a laid-back beach town with a breeze and the smell of the sea. It is paradise here and I don’t want to leave!

Until then, you can find me at the beach,


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