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Back in Bangkok
October 24, 2010, 8:05 am
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Dear friends,

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to be back in Bangkok. Truth be told, while I was taking the airplane over to Asia, I had a few doubts as to what the hell I was doing. ‘Why are you spending extra money going back to Asia when you could be experiencing Africa instead?’ I chided myself. ‘What about Rwanda? What about Tanzania? Didn’t you want to go to both of these places so terribly badly? Why are you going back to Thailand, a country you’ve been to before, when you could go and experience new ones?’

But as soon as I stepped out of the airport and back onto that bus to KhaoSang Road, I broke into the widest grin, and I couldn’t make myself stop smiling the entire day. Thai Buddhist temples! Palm trees! The kind of heat that sticks to your skin! On the bus ride to KhaoSang Road, a huge flow of memories hit me, little things that I had completely forgotten. My friends from Global College, and our adventures together in Bangkok. Heidi and Kerry, my lovely Global College teachers. Chiang Mai, a Thai city in the north, which is one of my most favorite places in the world. And I knew immediately, that being back here is so incredibly right. I am so, so happy to be back in Thailand- even if it is for a day layover before heading to Bali, Indonesia. But don’t worry Thailand- I’ll be back for a week in November before heading home!

Truth be told, many times people ask me what my favorite country is that I’ve traveled to. That’s an incredibly tough question, and I always end up saying India: India was my first love, where I changed and grew monumentally, where I met an amazing Tibetan family who I love dearly. I love the sounds, the chaos, I love Hindi, rickshaws, sidestepping trash and debris on the streets- just thinking of India makes me want to cry with longing. I love India dearly, and I’ll always want to go back to it, again and again. More importantly, I know that I WILL come back to it again and again. I just can’t stay away from India for too long.
But deep down inside, I know that Thailand comes in at a very close second. I had such a wonderful experience in Thailand. The friends I met, the things we did- I just love the country, so dearly. But while I knew that I would always go back to India, I wondered if or when I would go back to Thailand- so in a sense, this made me miss the country even more than India.

And now an opportunity has presented itself, and I am beside myself with happiness that I am back here, in Khaosang Road: one of the craziest, most budget touristy, and quite frankly, fascinating areas in the world. Not much has changed from two years ago- it almost looks like time has stood still here. Prices are the exact same- I am staying at the same hotel as last time for the same price. I got the most amazing 1 hour massage of my life today for 8 dollars. KhaoSang road is chock full of clothes and jewelry and arts and crafts of every caliber. The only difference is that 2 years ago, Khaosang road was a much livelier place, packed full of hippie Westerners. Today, KhaoSang is much quieter- the hotel I’m staying in is nearly empty. My inkling is that Bangkok has emptied out due to a string of bomb incidents these past few months: but I still feel safe here. The bombers aren’t targeting tourist areas, at least, and Khaosang Road is packed with security anyway.

Thanks for inviting me, Thailand. I am so happy we’re together again.

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Fantastic, Cody! Thanks for your inipirsng words! Keep on Exploring your Passion!Cheers!Ryan

Comment by Josiudina

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