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Bali and the Art of Face-Planting
October 31, 2010, 4:58 am
Filed under: Indonesia

I love Bali. I have been doing pretty much the same thing every day here, and loving it: absolutely nothing. The only thing I’ve added into my daytime routine is now walking up and down all over Ubud every day, going into tiny little shops and marveling at all of the homemade organic soaps, scrubs, oils, and the many different kinds of dresses and sarongs that litter the alleyways.

Though an interesting factoid: I face-planted twice this week, yes, twice. Either my sandals are slippery, or Bali is. The first time was when I tried to convince a Balinese man to teach me to ride a motorbike. I had heard from friends it was easy, and since it cost only 6 dollars a day to rent one, I daydreamed about spending my days lazily zipping around Ubud. The guy promptly rode me to this little dirt road where we could practice.

Well, I won’t lie: after 30 seconds of instruction, I immediately revved the bike and suddenly went flying down this dirt road at 50 miles per hour, valiantly trying to hit the brake (with my hand still on the gas, smart move). Right before I hit the main road, I finally achieved my goal: slamming on the brakes and flying head first into the road. Nice move, Brittany. The guy was not amused. At all.

My second faceplant happened today, while I was of COURSE, wearing a brand new wonderful (and slightly expensive) dress I had just bought a few hours ago. It was raining outside, and as I cheerily waved goodbye to my hotel staff, I slipped on the tile and slid right down to the ground, where my lovely, bright orange dress, got soaked in mud. Unfixable? Yes. Was I amused? No.

But what’s a vacation without a little bit of humor thrown in? It’s hard to take yourself too seriously in Bali. Or stay mad for too long.

Back to napping.
Much love,

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