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The Green School
November 6, 2010, 8:01 am
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The Green School. The most absolutely coolest outrageously awesome school I have ever seen. Made entirely out of bamboo with a focus on agriculture, environmentalism, and sustainability, The Green School is THE premiere school in Bali. If I ever end up living in Bali one day, this will be the place I send my kids to school.

You MUST check out these unbelievable pictures below.

This is a green house made entirely out of bamboo, right by the Green School. Some families stay here and their kids walk to school every day.

Everything is out in the open, which means no privacy, but also a lot of great community.

The bamboo work in this house is amazing.

The front door of the bamboo house. Super opening and inviting and encourages community, like Balinese culture.

Bamboo house from the outside.

Bamboo neighborhood!

Beginning our walk down to the school. Lots of fantastic bamboo structures around.

The bamboo bridge leading to across the river, where the Green School is.

This is a 9th grade project: planting rice

The beginning of the Green School

The science room. Everything, including the desks and chairs, are made out of bamboo.

The Kindergarten playroom.

Kindergarten play pirate ship, all made out of bamboo.

Leading up to the main building

The main building of the Green School. Pictures do not do this place justice.

This place looks like a combination of Swiss Family Robinson/Fern Gully/a beehive. The architecture is AMAZING!

Going upstairs, students and teachers lose the shoes.

The Green School overlooking garden crops

Bamboo chair, super fun

The kids put together a mandala!

The soccer field. Of course, bamboo goal posts.

The playground

Inside the auditorium.

The mud/wrestle pit

The Green School is one of the coolest places I have ever seen. I hope that more amazing bamboo structures like this go up all over the world, promoting sustainability and environmentalism! Thanks Bali, for being such an innovation.

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wow, this is super coool

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