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November 29, 2010, 11:42 pm
Filed under: USA

Dear friends,

Woah. I am suddenly back in the United States. In the course of a week, I’ve flown into New Jersey, had a massive Thanksgiving feast with my entire extended family, and flew back down to Florida to resume living in relative bliss. I’ve unpacked all of my things from Africa and Asia, played with my dogs until we were all exhausted, shoveled so much raw vegetables and pasta into my mouth that I feel like a god of the ages, schooled both of my sisters on Super Mario countless times, and set a schedule for what I’m going to be doing home for the next two months: studying Economics and Finance, lots of Bikram Yoga and running, and plenty of time set aside to do work for iShop4Microfinance.

But there’s still plenty of things to talk about on the blog. There are a lot of pictures of Kenya, Indonesia, and Thailand that I haven’t yet put up, and I’m excited to speak more to some of those experiences. So stay tuned guys!

Much love,


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