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Yep. I Rode An Ostrich In Kenya.
February 4, 2011, 12:28 am
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Kenya feels more and more like a distant memory, but I still have so many unshared stories to tell on this blog. And so let’s start with perhaps the most exciting, ridiculous, and positively outrageous one: Contrary to popular belief, ostriches can in fact be ridden by humans. And yep- you guessed it- I rode one. Along with a ‘fellow Kiva fellow,’ Katie.

Many tourists and travelers who come through Nairobi are not aware that there is an awesome Ostrich Park about a 40 minute drive outside of the city. It’s great fun- you get a personalized tour of the surrounding farmland and a lesson on ostrich farming (including visiting ostriches from when they are adorable babies in their pens, to fully grown, scarily black-plumaged males 3 feet away from you with no barrier in between while they hiss at you threateningly. Don’t let this deter from visiting though, because being so close to such an interesting animal is breathtaking). You can chillax by their pool while you eat a delicious lunch of grilled ostrich leg, steamed ostrich meatballs, or smoked ostrich breast. And then finally, the main attraction for ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls alike:

A video of me riding an ostrich.

This was definitely one of the most unexpectedly fun experiences I have ever had while traveling. Check out more pictures below.

The beginning of the tour of our Ostrich farm. I still fail to understand why our shoe soles need to be disinfected.

Especially because we were walking on dirt and the ‘disinfectant’ was ‘water.’ Oh Kenya! I love you so.

An ostrich egg! I had no idea they were so giant.

Baby ostriches feeding at the trough

Both funny and a little disturbing: when ostrich babies have visitors, they all run out to you at once. Maybe the disturbing part is that when they run out to you, their heads all bob at the same time and it looks kind of creepy.

Awww baby ostrich! But they’re just so cute.

INTRUDER ALERT. They are all running towards us. Ostriches would probably make good watchdogs. Or watchostriches.

A ‘teenage’ ostrich. You can tell by the strut.

Hey now

Ostriches are really entertaining to watch.

Katie and an ostrich

Squatting ostriches! I didn’t know that they sat. Well I probably should’ve assumed, but for some reason I imagined they would sleep standing up, with their heads under their wings.

A fully grown female ostrich.

A fully grown male ostrich. You can tell he is male by the black plumage. And also because of the threatening glint in his eye.

Grilled ostrich meat, anyone?

The pièce de résistance. This ostrich is pruned and ready to ride.

And ride I did.

Katie and me afterwards with our ostrich pals.

Being a Kiva fellow and nonsensical stuff.

Katie’s ostrich ride!


Hope you enjoyed all of the pictures and video!

Much ostrich love,


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