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Winter Hat Modeling and Extreme Picture Sorting: Packing for the Peace Corps.
April 10, 2011, 1:22 am
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Packing season is here! I have spent the past six hours turning my room upside down to begin the crazy process of preparing for what my daily sustenance will be for the next two years. I’ve pulled out ALL of my old traveling gear, ALL of my pictures, and started compiling a serious list. I’m allowed two pieces of luggage with a combined value of 80 pounds, so it’s going to be a very meticulous process.

I thought nothing could be more fun than seeing a few pictures of my excited craziness.

All of the cards I am bringing along with me to the Peace Corps. I always bring these with me while traveling; most of them I’ve collected over the years from family and friends. Unfortunately the weight and bulk of these cards are starting to become a big problem when trying to travel light, so I may have to cut these down a bit.

My sleeping bag, drying on my door. I haven’t really used this baby since India, but desperate times (freezing weather in an un-insulated house) calls for desperate measures.

A hodge-podge medley of stuff I’m considering bringing that I spent hours sorting and then threw in my suitcase. Most of these are tried-and-true things I’ve used before when traveling.

Some of the ‘maybe rejected’ pile (minus the backpack and my thai pants, of course). You don’t want to see what the rest of my room looks like…

I was able to narrow my scarves (and sarong) down to four of these. Practical/warm, nice/going out, beach day, and multi-purpose. No surprise that each of these are from a different country (United States, France, Indonesia, Nepal).

The winter hats were a hard decision. I’m not quite sure why I’ve attained so many of these over the years, considering I live in Florida. After many-a minute modeling in the mirror, the top hat wins- more for sentimental value, as I got it in Turkey.


There’s a little peek in the life of random things a PCV in Paraguay is packing.

6 weeks and 3 days!


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