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Secure 10 Votes for my friends and get a gift from Paraguay!
April 13, 2011, 1:24 am
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Hi readers!

I’m here again to talk about my two wonderful friends, Rachel and Jeff. They are getting married this August and need help  with their wedding, so they signed up for an online contest. We have been trying really hard to get them votes, and I mean really hard. So far they have about 375 votes, and they’ll need around 500 more to get into the top voting pile to be considered.

So I’m asking you for help, and attaching a gift! If you get TEN of your friends to vote for Rachel and Jeff’s dream wedding, I will get you a really awesome gift from Paraguay. Since I’ve been to Paraguay before, I know that there are a lot of really great gifts there. There are tons of handmade indigenous crafts, artifacts, and and souvenirs!

SO, get 10 of your friends to Vote– email them, facebook/gchat/skype chat them- and then email me or post a comment on here, and I will get you a seriously amazing gift from Paraguay!!!

Just look at the love between these two. Please help support unending love and help Rachel and Jeff get the wedding of their dreams!

Much love,

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