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May 1, 2011, 10:51 pm
Filed under: Mexico

SURPRISE TRIP TO MEXICO! As many of you know, it has been one of my life goals to visit all seven wonders of the world. So far I have had the fortune of seeing four (not including the Honorary Candidate, the Pyramids in Egypt), and it is my intention to visit all 7 by the age of 25. 

So since January (when I discovered I was going to be living a few months longer at home than previously thought), I have been FIXATED on going to Mexico and seeing Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world. There are a few reasons for this: first, I’ll be able to visit the last two I have not seen (Machu Picchu, Peru, and Christ the Redeemer, Brazil) while I’m in the Peace Corps in South America, as they’re pretty close to Paraguay. Second, a round-trip ticket from Florida to Mexico is very cheap. And third, I needed to get my traveling kicks. So Mexico it was, I decided. Let’s knock out number 5.

The problem was convincing other people to go with me. I unsuccessfully pitched to my brother, my sister, and a whole slew of friends who all got me initially excited with a ‘YEAH, let’s party in Cancun!’ but then never followed through. It wasn’t until I went up to Gainesville a couple of weeks ago to visit my high school friend Tyler that I was finally able to recruit two able-bodied friends (the other Tyler’s girlfriend, Naiara, who is from Mexico and helped me to convince him) to go on a grand four day trip to Cancun, with a stop in Chichen Itza.

So here we are! We just arrived today. The weather is gorgeous, we spent the entire day laying out on the  most beautiful beach and taking shots of delicious tequila, washed down with the most amazing fish tacos. Thanks to Naiara’s vast knowledge of all of the best food, drinks, and culture of Mexico, Tyler and I have been learning a lot more than the average tourist in Cancun. We successfully bartered down a round-trip full day ticket to Chichen Itza (33 dollars each, which we all felt happy with- most places charge 50 each), and promptly celebrated with shrimp fajitas and strawberry daquiris. 

Tomorrow we head on to the grand adventure of CHICHEN ITZA! this will be Naiara’s first wonder and Tyler’s second, and I am so excited and happy to be with them on yet another wonderful day in my life, a day where I am happiest; out in the world traveling.

More soon!

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