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Fifth Wonder of the World- Chichen Itza!
May 3, 2011, 10:12 am
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Well, today I did it! I achieved one of my travel goals and saw my fifth wonder of the world, Chichen Itza. I still find it so hard to believe that I am merely 23 years old and have seen five out of seven wonders of the world. Today was such a beautiful and amazing day.

We started off by getting on a bus at 7:30 in the morning along with a bunch of other sleepy Americans and Mexicans, prepared for a two and a half hour ride. There we met our companion for the day, Simphiwe, a woman from South Africa traveling to Chichen Itza by herself. Seeing her alone reminded me of the time that I traveled to Jordan by myself to see Petra, and that two wonderful Australians became my friends and I went to see my fourth wonder with them. Such experiences should be shared, and so we invited Simphiwe to spend the day with us. It worked out great, considering she was really cool. Meanwhile, we relaxed on the bus and laughed at the tour guide’s jokes (including his American rendition of Chichen Itza: ‘Chicken Pizza’)

A side note about prices- Tyler, Naiara and I were surprised to find out that most other people on the bus paid two or three times more for their tickets than we did- we only paid 33 dollars each, which was more than worth the price for all of the things that we did. Thanks for subsidizing us, other Americans. If you want to get a cheap price for a day tour of Cichen Itza from Cancun like we did, I suggest finding a tour guide in one of the malls. They will price the ticket at 55+, but we talked them down to 33.

Our first stop on the way to Chichen Itza was at a quaint little typical Mexican town, complete with brightly painted pastel buildings and a little city square. The main attraction was a beautiful church, Iglesia de San Servacio. We were then walked around a variety of tourist traps (warehouses full of Mexican artifacts that are twenty times the normal price), and stopped for a drawn out lunch. By this time it felt like we were never going to get there and I was literally tingling with anticipation. When we finally pulled up to the site, I convinced Tyler, Naiara, and Simphiwe to leave behind the boring tour guide (in my experience no tour guide from a seventh wonder of the world is worth listening to), and we went off exploring on our own.

It didn’t take us long to reach the main attraction, the temple of Kukulcan. It is this enormous temple (as big as an Egyptian Pyramid) jutting magnificently out of the ground. This site is absolutely breath-taking. Pictures cannot encompass the feeling you have standing there, staring at this magnificent edifice. It was as if the time stood still- the only reminder being the lazily passing clouds in the sky set against a backdrop of deep blue. I could have stared at the temple for hours, unmoving. 

It turns out that we got pretty lucky on the tourist front- since school still isn’t out yet around the world and Mexico now has a reputation of being a dangerous place, there weren’t a ton of people at Chichen Itza. This gave us sublime pictures and a lot of close up views. 

Of course, the temple isn’t the only Mayan ruin at Cichen Itza, but rather than a large sinkhole on the side of the site, the temple of Kukukcan is really the star of the show. I spent the last hour there just staring at it, while laughing to myself about how ridiculous it was that I was actually in MEXICO, staring at my fifth wonder of the world. Once I get back to the US, I’ll have some great pictures.

But the day’s festivities were still not over yet. After our completely satisfying trip to Cichen Itza, we stopped at a spring on the way back for a refreshing dip- and goodness, that spring is definitely in the top 10 most beautiful sights I have ever seen in my entire life. Pictures to come.

Today was perfect. A perfect day to fulfill another dream, another goal, another wonder.

Back to relaxing on the beach and getting a sun tan in Cancun. Pictures soon!
Much love,

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