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Pictures of Mexico and Chichen Itza
May 19, 2011, 2:41 am
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Pictures of Mexico are here!

Check out the rest below!

Our first afternoon in Mexico! Starting it off right with tequila on the beach.

Soaking in the wonderful atmosphere in Cancun.

More tequila? Yes please!

The downtown area of Cancun, featuring a Hard Rock Cafe, Starbucks, and pretty much every other available American amenity.

Day 1 of Chichen Itza tour! This is the beautiful Iglesia de San Servacio, a church in the Yucatan Peninsula.

A little park adjunct to the church houses the COOLEST chairs I have ever seen. 

Chichen Itza! Finally, my fifth out of seven wonders of the world!

I was awe-struck staring at this edifice. Pictures do not do it justice. You just need to be here, and stand in front of it.

Other ruins in Chichen Itza. There are a lot of depictions of insects here.

There are also depictions of human skulls.

A giant sinkhole! This was an amazing sight.

We’re all easily entertained by the tourist shops nearby. 

Our Chichen Itza group- Simphiwe, a lovely woman from South Africa, Naiara, Tyler, and me!

Tyler and Naiara, little tricksters

This is the side of Chichen Itza that isn’t as restored.

What a beautiful way to spend the day.

Our last stop- an AMAZING sink hole. I’ve never seen anything like it. 

Down in the sink hole. We started off by jumping into the water like this. So refreshing after a hot day at the ruins!

I felt like I was in Fern Gully. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

Tyler and Naiara

The end of our wonderful trip, at an Italian restaurant back in Cancun.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Much love,


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