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Pictures of J.A. Salvidar, Our Training Site
June 7, 2011, 7:34 pm
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As I mentioned before, Paraguay Peace Corps split up our large training group of  23 into two smaller groups that live in separate towns. The town that 12 out of 23 of us are living in is called ‘J.A. Salvidar,’ and it is home to many a sandy road and one large paved road called ‘Ruta Uno’ (which houses our prides and joys: a gas station, internet cafe, and supermarket). I decided to provide some pictures of our little slice of paradise, which you can check out below.

Real quickly, this is my host mom watching ‘la princesa de la casa,’ Nori. Too cute to pass up. 

One of a few soccer fields in J.A. Salvidar. Two of our married PCTs (Peace Corps Trainees), Dion and Evelynn, with their homestay sister.

PCTs Evelynn, Eric, and Ben

Our ‘J.A. PCT Volleyball game.’ There are quite a few volleyball nets in J.A. Salvidar, and we took up one this Sunday. PCTs Molly, Vicky, Shavon, Stephanie, Veronica, and Evelynn.

This is the classroom where we learn Guaraní for four hours every day, in our ‘centro’i’ (Satellite School for J.A. Salvidar). So far I am LOVING Guaraní. It is such an emotional language. My two favorite words so far: ‘Iporaítereí,’ which means that someone feels VERY VERY VERY good, and ‘Aíííííííchijanaga!’ which means ‘poooooooooooor me 😦 .’ I use this last one way too often because I find it so much fun.

This is the path I take from my house to school (literally a 1 minute walk).

Some PCTs in language training class- Vicky, Dion, Evelynn

Our ‘Centro’i’ (J.A. Salvidar School). Basically it’s a house converted into a school.

This is the street my house is on! If you look for the ‘muy linda’ green bushes to the far left, that’s where my house is. Beyond that is only fields.

This is what a typical Paraguayan house looks like in J.A. Salvidar. If you want to visit someone’s house in Paraguay, rather than ringing the doorbell you stand outside the gate and clap your hands until someone comes outside. I can’t believe this actually works, but it does, every time!

My walk home every day from Guarambaré (our large training center). Muy tranquilo. 

Three PCTs walking towards ‘Ruta Uno’ to go to Guarambaré for training.

One of the many animals that just chill on the side of the streets as people pass by.

Paraguay is renowned for its gardens. This house has a ‘muy linda’ garden out front!

Also the trees are gorgeous here. 

This is ‘Ruta Uno,’ or the only paved road in our town. This picture does not do justice on how crazy this road is- many a truck comes barreling down Ruta Uno at 80 mph. 

Our Guarambaré training center! This is where we convene in the afternoons for training for all 23 of us. As you can see here, our Peace Corps training staff are putting on a skit about what Peace Corps Volunteers should NOT wear.

PCTs Marilu and Estee giving us a presentation on the 10 Core Expectations of  a Peace Corps Volunteer

Some of our PCTs doing an ‘icebreaker’ activity (an activity that makes us get up and move about- we do 2-3 of these every day)

PCTs Estee, Kevin, and Vicky performing an impromptu skit about ‘The Rollercoaster of Emotions’ a PCT (and PCV) experiences. Vicky and Kevin are demonstrating the ‘low’ points of a Volunteer experience (cases of extreme diarrhea!)

Hope you enjoyed some pictures of our life as Paraguay Peace Corps trainees. It is an extremely fun and rewarding experience to spend time with all of these amazing people in the pictures above.

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Thanks for the wonderful update! I attended the TOMS big event today.
Take care!

Comment by Shawn

Glad you enjoyed!

Comment by brittanygoesglobal


Hope you don’t mind me reading your blog and looking at your pictures. My daughter Julie Pretzlaff gave me your blog address. Sounds like your enjoy Paraguay like Julie.

Take care,
Robin Pretzlaff

Comment by robin

Hi Robin, don’t mind at all, this is a public blog and anyone can read it! I will definitely be posting more pictures of training as it goes on, so stay tuned. Julie is great, we all love her! And we all love Paraguay too!

Comment by brittanygoesglobal

It’s great to see where you are each day, and pictures of your new PC friends! But how about giving the camera to someone else sometimes and have them take a picture of YOU for your Mama to see!!
Love you and miss you mucho!!

Comment by Mama

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