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PC Love to My J.A. PCTs!
June 26, 2011, 7:18 pm
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Peace Corps Training is so fast-paced. It is SO hard to believe that we are entering Week FIVE of training- We’re halfway through! So much has happened in the past two weeks that it is hard to keep up with it all.

For the few things that have stood out to me: first, I switched homestay families and I am now living with a new one. I don’t feel the need to get into the reasons why I switched to a new homestay family, but what I can say is that the Peace Corps staff and trainees have been really supportive in this process, which has made the transition very easy for me. I am now living on the other side of town, right on the ‘Ruta Uno,’ which is the big (and only) paved road that passes through J.A. Salvidar. As an upside, I am now living close to the Supermarket and tons of other shops in the ‘commercial’ district of our town. I now live in a ‘Parillo,’ which is essentially a restaurant/bar that serves all kinds of meat. My new homestay family and home is wonderful, I’ll save them for a later post. The only downside is that I am now farther away from my fellow Peace Corps Trainees in J.A., but the extra walking definitely can’t hurt, especially since I have been fed nothing but variations of cheese and bread for the past two days.

Then, immediately after moving to my new homestay, I was hit with a double whopper: Giardia strikes again! I had it for about a week but I had previously chalked it up to stress. When I woke up with my stomach killing me and then the realization that I lost almost 10 pounds in the past two weeks, I realized that this may be a little bit more serious than some good old-fashioned diarrhea (sorry for the graphicness. This is the life of a Peace Corps Volunteer!) The Giardia forced me to miss a day of training this week, which OF COURSE was the BEST day of training we supposedly had yet so far (in the afternoon they had a huge party).

But I can’t complain. I am really enjoying my life right now as a Peace Corps Trainee. I figure if I can handle two mini-emotional roller coasters in the course of a week and still be thrilled about training, then damn I must be IN LOVE with Paraguay! And I am. And the reason for that is because of all my fabulous J.A. Salvidar Peace Corps Trainees, who I love with relish. Here are some pictures of the things we’ve done together in our little community over the past few weeks.

One of our hang-out weekend days. Veronica and Dion 

Shavon, Dion, and Evelyn demonstrating the disproportionate size everyone is in relation to Dion, who is a giant here.

PCTs Evelyn, Shavon, and Molly bending it like Beckham

Their ‘hot faces’ (Molly refused to participate in the hot face)

Stephanie, Evelyn, Shavon, Molly, and Veronica

Evelyn teaching us some Tae Kwondo

Girl’s on fiya!

Dion and Evelyn (our married PCTs) showing us all up with their Tae Kwondo skills

Dramatic interpretation of Evelyn wanting to beat up her husband and her homestay sister holding her back

Shavon’s hair: the talk of the J.A. Salvidar. Not a DAY goes by where I do not hear about Shavon’s hair from another Paraguayan. “Is it a hat? Can I touch it?”

Evelyn getting a little excited about being in Paraguay!

Shavon teasing PCT Vicky’s homestay brother, Nico

Shavon, Vicky, and Nico

With our language teacher Delfina, learning how to make a Paraguayan delicacy, Mbeju!

PCTs Eric, Molly (prounced ‘Moli’ here in Paraguay), and Veronica, with our language teacher Delfina

Mbeju cooking on the stove

Veronica trying the art of ‘flipping’ the Mbeju. She succeeded where others failed (*cough Shavon *cough)

The finished product

Vicky and I working on an assignment for our technical training. Universidad del Cuerpo de Paz Paraguay!

Rainin’ in J.A. Salvidar. 

J.A. Salvidar crew taking a dance class! Learning salsa

Dion makin’ one of his faces

These two boys in the back killed it with their shimmying. Yep, I have videos

There’s some PC love for you!

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This super fun… are..!!!!=)

Comment by Lauri Sostoa

wow dp, i love the place. and the house has a great feel to it with all the wood. aslomt scandinavian. very warm and cosy feel. great pics mate. keep up the great work. BW Dave

Comment by Oscar

gA1vLt fnimucyxsehn

Comment by ujmcxqcduck

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