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The Best 4th of July- in Paraguay!
July 3, 2011, 9:40 pm
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If there’s anything I love celebrating while traveling, it’s the U.S. holidays. Whether Halloween or Thanksgiving, Americans always scope each other out in nearly every other country than the U.S. to get down and pride themselves on being Americans. Having witnessed a few American holidays in other countries myself (Halloween in Bangkok, Thanksgiving in Chile, etc.), I was keen to see what all the fuss was about for the ‘Big 4th of July Party’ at the U.S. Embassy in Paraguay. Yes, every year the U.S. Embassy in Paraguay hosts a 4th of July party that is open to any American in the country- and quite frankly, about a third of the people at the party every year are comprised of Peace Corps Volunteers. On Saturday, July 2nd (we celebrated the 4th of July a little bit early here!) my fellow trainees and I hopped on a bus to Asunción to get in on the excitement.

Hands down, this has been the best event I’ve ever been to! Less than 5 dollars got me unlimited American food (hot dogs, veggie burgers, chips, cheese ravioli, pasta salad, chicken curry- and let’s not even talk about the unlimited DESSERTS- caramel apples, cupcakes, brownies, sugary creamy dulce de leche cake), which I sorely needed after the cheese/bread festival I’ve been having down in J.A. Salvidar every day. There were three-legged races, piñatas, tug-of-war, peel and stick tattoos, an egg tossing contest, a huge blow-up slide, volleyball and soccer tournaments, American music, and unlimited drink specials and two dollar shots. Never mind that it is Winter here- minus the fireworks, it was the best 4th of July EVER!

Words don’t do justice on how much fun this event was, so I’ll leave you with pictures instead.

My fellow J.A. Salvidar crew on the way to Asunción

Prepping for the festivities

The entrance to the U.S. Embassy. Happy 4th of July!

The food line, complete with hamburgers/hot dogs, and beloved chips. It may not look like much here, but when you’ve eaten nothing but Chipa for 6 weeks, all of us trainees dived for the amazing American food and stuffed our faces.

G-36 trainees Ben, Kevin, Joanna, and Shavon stuffing their faces.


4th of July decorations- notice the big slide in the background!

Some of the dessert table. I gorged on a caramel apple. Sooooo good.

American Paraguayans have a good sense of humor down here.

A ‘Amigos de Las Americas’ Coordinator from NYU celebrating the festivities!

Getting ready for the three-legged race

Round One

Veronica and Estee getting ready for the three-legged race.

So here’s me and Chris, who decided to step it up and beast the three-legged race.

Look at that determination

If you notice that we’re the only ones running the three-legged race in this picture, it is because we’re MILES ahead of everyone else- yes, we literally beasted the three-legged race.

Us winning

High-fives all around.

Stopping for a quick chug of beer before the final round

There’s me and Chris beasting the final round of the three-legged race

We won first place! There’s the presenter announcing us as winners. Our prize? Pieces of paper saying “I owe you shoelaces.” Thanks, U.S. Embassy. I am going to come back here and collect, mark my words. 

Fellow PCT love. Veronica, Estee, Julie

Now with Marilu!

Shavon and Ginsey on their second shots

Ginsey, Vicky, and Marilu

G-36 (our training group) getting ready to beast our sister G, G-33, in tug-of-war. We won, of course. 

Dion and Chris versus the U.S. Marines in Paraguay. The boys lost this one.

Happy 4th of July!

Shavon and Ginsey deciding it is time to go on the big blow-up slide

Ben chasing a deer

Getting ready to cheer on our team for the volleyball tournament. This is where things start to get a little out of control with the camera.


One of our married couples, Joanna and Kevin- also celebrating their 5 year anniversary!

‘Estefani’ with a stick and peel tattoo

Our volleyball tournament- Economic Development Peace Corps sector versus Rural Health!

Some action shots

Cheering on our team

Chris’s after-shot from being beaned by a volleyball. 

Dion showcasing ‘his essence’ 

Estee being a zombie


Joanna, Ginsey, and Shavon

There’s the 4th of July in Paraguay for you- filled with food, drinks, games, and tons of fun with my fellow Peace Corps Volunteers. I am loving my life so much and all of the people in it.
I hope that all of you have a wonderful 4th of July tomorrow- though it won’t be as fun as ours!
Until next time,

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I ❤ the pics!!!
Thanks for the update Brittany!
Take care & stay warm!

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